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Artist:Bamses Venner
Label:  KMF
Catalogue:PLAY 2096
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ABamses VennerWimmersvej (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)Peretti, Creatore, Weiss, Stanton, BamseJørgen KleinertRate
BBamses VennerBamsefar (Teddy Bear)Kal Mann, Bernie Lowe, BamseJørgen KleinertRate


3rd Dec 2013
 Thanks Terence - I stand corrected, it was 1980!

11th Mar 2013
 Hello, cheeky!

Juke Jules
16th Apr 2012

Terence Archer
15th Apr 2012
 They took part in the 1980 contest with the song "Tænker Altid På Dig" (transl. "Always Thinking Of You"). They scored a total of 25 points ending No.14(out of 19).
This was back when each country had to sing in its native language.
By the way, Denmark didn't take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 1967 - 77 so not a bad guess really.
Unfortunately Bamse, real name Flemming Jørgensen, died in his sleep New Years Eve 2010/11. Much missed ikon of the Danish music scene.

14th Apr 2012
 Bumses (sorry, got carried away looking at the sleeve!)....Bamses Venner entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976. Can't remember how well they did though.

Terence Archer
13th Apr 2012
 There's not many people in Denmark who don't know this 45. Played constantly to this day by young and old alike ever since first released back in 1975. The danish text has absolutely nothing to do with "lions sleeping tonight" by the way!

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