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Artist:Frankie Valli, John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John
Label:  Polydor / PWL
Catalogue:PO 136
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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AFrankie Valli, John Travolta And Olivia Newton-JohnGrease The Dream Mix - Grease, Sandy, Hopelessly Devoted To YouB. Gibbs, L. St.Louis, S. Simon, J. Farrar6.0  Rate
BFrankie Valli, John Travolta And Olivia Newton-JohnGrease The Dream Mix - We Go TogetherJ. Jacobs, W. CaseyRate


27th Jun 2012
 I've just noticed that I'm not the only one that messed up on the spelling for this disc. The label appears to credit B. Gibbs. Says something when they can't even get the name of a Bee Gee correct. Thanks to the mods for correcting my earlier typos!!

27th Jun 2012
 Yep, you're quite right kimbozw. I also messed up the typing of Olivia's name too. I was having a bad morning with my Apple magic mouse. I really must stop typing with wooly gloves on too! ha ha. Hopefully the Mods will correct for me.

27th Jun 2012
 Franki has lost the 'e' on the end of his name! :)

27th Jun 2012
 Oh and by the way, I listed this as Polydor / PWL because of the apparent label ordering. I know that the Band Aid II single (shown here) has it as PWL /Polydor, but looking at the label it seems that PWL is subservient to the bigger name. Well, that's what I thought anyway.
*gets coat*

27th Jun 2012
 I've been meaning to upload this crappy remix for ages now. The info for this was hard to fathom out for listing on here. Mods, if you think I've ballsed it up, please accept my apologies and rejigificate it around. I couldn't fathom out what to put for producer; none of them seem to want to hold their hands up to take the blame. Even the remix credit looks a bit tentative. One of the more incongruous dance mix medleys of the period. None of the tunes go together (no pun intended) as a dance track. I can't imagine what the point of this mess was. Each song on the A side is blended about as well as oil and water, with about as much effort as a limp handshake. The only other Polydor/PWL combo I have seen is this rubbishy sequel. It's therefore fitting that this lacklustre miss mash has an exceptionally poor quality Plasticrap label. Can you tell I don't like this disc? Hmmm??
*files nails*

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