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Artist:Kenny Lynch
Label:  His Master's Voice
Catalogue:POP 1136
Date:15 Mar 1963
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Community:17 Own, 2 Want
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AKenny LynchMiseryLennon, McCartneyHarry Robinson9.2  Rate
BKenny LynchShut The DoorLynchHarry Robinson6.7  Rate


With Orchestra conducted by Harry Robinson
Release date from 'Record Retailer' issue dated 14 Mar, 1963.
Record Retailer review Mar 14, 1963.


Comments and Reviews
23rd Oct 2017

18th Oct 2017
 try this as convincing evidence to support @telegramsam's theory about KL potential. Basically what we now all know as 'Popcorn' but song vocals and production on a par with US releases

Mikey Dread
2nd Mar 2016
 Demo copies with McCarthney misspelling.

9th Nov 2013
 Kenny is still gigging at 75, he started his career singing in jazz bands and that's what he is doing now.

BTW - he was the first person to record a Lennon - McCartney song, even though wasn't a hit.

15th Aug 2013
 Added sheet music scan...
Fred Clemens

26th Oct 2012
 Bert Weedon and Joe Brown played lead guitar on lots of hits - BTW the song was offered to Helen Shapiro via her manager Norrie Paramor who turned it down , Helen never knew till recently.

30th Oct 2011
 Kenny said years later that after he recorded this, he played it to John Lennon who was far from impressed with the lead guitar work. Lennon asked Kenny who on Earth it was playing that part, saying he could had played it better himself even saying Kenny should had asked him. The lead guitarist was none other than the legendary Bert Weedon!

30th Oct 2011
 Of course, the Beatles connection continued when Kenny appeared on the front cover of Macca's "Band On The Run".

30th Oct 2011
 He was no slouch as a songwriter, too.

30th Oct 2011
 Funny you should bring up Kenny Lynch, I always thought he was vastly underrated as a singer. Sure he made it as a talented all round entertainer, but I think his version of Up On The Roof is probably my personal favourite. Given the right material and back up, I think he could have made it as a pukka major R&B artist.

30th Oct 2011
 This is said to be the first ever cover of a Beatles song, having been offered first to Helen Shapiro.

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