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Artist:Gracie Fields
Label:  His Master's Voice
Catalogue:POP 2002
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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AGracie FieldsSallyHaines, Leon, TowersOscar ProyceRate
BGracie FieldsThe Biggest Aspidistra In The WorldHarper, Haines, ConnorOscar ProyceRate


"Golden Greats" reissue series


26th Dec 2011
 Paul Robeson's "Ol' man River"

I have that on my iPod...

26th Dec 2011
 I remember a few Gracie Fields 78s among a selection stored away in my parents' house, and playing them on the accompanying wind-up gramophone. My favourite, however wasn't one of hers: Paul Robeson's "Ol' man River" sounded just right played purely acoustically on wind-up 78.

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I played/destroyed the odd already very beaten-up 45 on that equipment. "Alternate Title" by the Monkees was one, for some reason. Shelves in secondhand shops were groaning under the weight of 45s in the early-to-mid 1970s when I started buying them, and some were in extremely distressed condition that wasn't always apparent until you took them home. .

26th Dec 2011
 Something else to start searching the auctions for.
I suspect Sir Paul heard these the same way I did.
Dad's old '78. (His, not mine...)

26th Dec 2011
 On the 'Tripping The Live Fantastic'' (McCartney) album he plays Sally in Soundcheck and at the end bursts into 'The Biggest ......' He must have had a copy of this record

Alan Phillips
26th Dec 2011
 Yes I believe they are they certainly sound old, but I'm afraid I haven't got the 78's to compare them with!

26th Dec 2011
 Were these the same recordings as the old '78's?
I used to enjoy listening to my Dad's copy of "Aspidistra" when I was little.

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