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Artist:Peter Sellers
Label:  His Master's Voice
Catalogue:POP 2012
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Community:7 Own, 1 Wants
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APeter Sellers Presents Mate's Spoffle Group featuring Fred Spoons, E.P.N.S.Any Old IronCollins, Terry, ShappardGeorge MartinRate
BPeter SellersA Hard Day's NightLennon, McCartneyGeorge MartinGeorge Martin10.0  Rate


Golden Greats series reissue.


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27th Jun 2011
 ....that's how you knew what cutlery to steal.
Anything with E.P.N.S. on it, you left, as it was not valuable, and anything with a hall mark on it, well, use your imagination.

I have never stolen cutlery, but lots of people have.

27th Jun 2011
 Duh, of course. You are quite right now you have said it. How daft am I. Answers on a postcard to.........

Juke Jules
27th Jun 2011
 EPNS was a term used almost exclusively for cutlery - Geddit?

27th Jun 2011
 It doesn't mention EPNS on the one I posted donkey's years ago in it's rather creased sleeve

POP 2003

Could it even be

English Place Name Society

Thank gawd its not ESPN as I owe them money

27th Jun 2011
 I agree with electro-plated nickel silver.

27th Jun 2011
 ......anyone know what E.P.N.S. means in the artist title, side A ?

I think I know, just want confirmation. It is also a pity that the scans of Sides A & B have not been posted, as nice as the sleeve and record look.

= (electro-plated nickel silver)

Producer Al
27th Jun 2011
 Actually, EMI brought out two dozen of these "Golden Greats" reissues around 1980/81, including lots of comedy tracks inc. Norman Wisdom and Charlie Drake, so it was probably co-incidence that Peter Sellers passed away that year.

27th Jun 2011
 Peter Sellers passed away in 1980, so I would assume this re-issue was because of that. Typical, especially in the UK. It didn't get back into the charts, though.

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