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Artist:Johnny Kidd And The Pirates
Label:  His Master's Voice
Catalogue:POP 753 / 45-POP 753
Date:Jun 1960
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:113 Own, 3 Want
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AJohnny Kidd And The PiratesShakin' All OverHeath9.5  Rate
BJohnny Kidd And The PiratesYes Sir, That's My BabyDonaldson, Kahn5.8  Rate


Matrix / Runout (Label A): 7XEA 19764 45
Matrix / Runout (Label B): 7XEA 19765 45
Matrix / Runout (run-out groove A): 7XEA 19764-1N
Matrix / Runout (run-out groove B): 7XEA 19765-1N


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My Friend Jack
19th Dec 2015
 Only reached #2 on the Melody Maker chart and #3 on NME, Record Mirror and Disc & Music Echo. Record Retailer's was the only chart to list it as a #1.

16th Mar 2014
 DigThatCat, you've got a few facts wrong.
By the time Joe Meek killed himself in 1967, Alan Caddy had left The Tornados 2 years previously in 1965.
The line up in 1967 had no original members left.
Also, while Brian Gregg "was" in the Tornados line up, Heinz original replacement was Tab Martin for 6 months, who later back Heinz on live shows only, in one of Joe Meek's other groups, The Saints, before he had the band, The Wild Ones who quickly changed their name to The Wild Boys. The Wild Ones/The Wild Boys both featured Ritchie Blackmore.
Chas Hodges (The Outlaws) also replaced Heinz in The Tornados for a few shows before Brian Gregg took over for at least a year.
Alan Caddy wasn't involved with the 1975 remake of Telstar as the others had fallen out with him because he gave one of their tunes "Pandora's Box" to the American group The Ventures.
He put himself down as the writer & publisher only & collected all the royalties, when in fact all members had a hand in writing the tune.
The line up on the 1975 remake is stated as Roger Lavern, George Bellamy, Heinz & Clem Cattini (not Clem Cattina as you say, but I realise this could be a typo).
In fact all the guitar parts on the 1975 remake was played by George Bellamy (Father on Muse guitarist/Singer, Matt Bellamy) because as previously stated, Alan was left out, & as a bass player, Heinz was poor to bad at best.

20th Apr 2012

20th Feb 2012
 This is a classic! A hit in 1960 and now in 2012 my 7 year old Grandson loves this track! Another guy who we lost much too early but who is still remembered. Is it true that Johnny used to watch the Poole Pirates Speedway team?

18th Oct 2011
 Surprised to see that this hasn't been added yet.

5th Oct 2011
 With due respect to original uploaders Cronkey and Nanocyar I've added my less than pristine images into the mix. Surely someone out there has a good quality copy of this classic disc which can be added to the database?

20th Jul 2011
 Absolutely amazing Brit rock-n-roller but WHAT is that on the flip!

7th Jun 2011
 The best of the early British r and b records..

20th Oct 2009
 In fact I'd better add it to the database.

20th Oct 2009
 Yes. After Joe Meeks death in 1967 the Tornados disbanded. Alan Caddy took a job as house arranger and producer for Avenue Records, a budget label specialising in covers of current hits.

After that, he had a short spell in Canada, then returned to the England in 1975 and was involved in a remake of Telstar, by a reconstituted Tornados.

Alan Caddy, guitarist and song arranger, born February 2 1940; died August 16 2000

19th Oct 2009
 Is it the same Alan Caddy of cheapo 70s covers EPs 'fame'?

19th Oct 2009
 Clem Cattina and Alan Caddy went on to form the nucleus of the group, The Tornados, under the direction of Joe Meek, and enjoyed chart topping success with 'Telstar'. They were later joined by Brian Gregg who was brought in as a replacement for Heinz Burt.

19th Oct 2009
 Johnny Kidd - Born Frederick Heath in London 1939 (composer).
He first band was Freddie Heath and the Nutters, Renamed; Captain Kidd and the Pirates. Finally 'Johnny' becoming the name that stuck.

Selp penned by Johnny Kidd with one of the most recognised guitar intros by Joe Morretti (session guitarist) this was one of the few original sounding British 'Rock 'n' Roll' tracks, confirmed by the durability and cover versions of the song.

The Pirates;
Alan caddy (Guitar), Brian Gregg (Bass), Clem Cattini (Drums)

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