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Record Details

Artist:Of Arrowe Hill
Label:  Popt
Catalogue:POPT 00
Date:May 2000
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:3 Own
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AOf Arrowe HillA Dull Today Is A Darker Yesterday's Bright TomorrowRate


One sided white label with raffle ticket stuck to one side. White paper innner in brown paper bag hand stamped and hand numbered edition of 350.


Dr Doom
18th Sep 2009
 Coincidence, subconcious plagarism or something else entirely....

; )

Billy Two
18th Sep 2009
 Was aware of that, but wasn't sure if it was (huge) coincidence or not !!

Dr Doom
18th Sep 2009

Bizzarely enough the member of Of Arrowe Hill who co-owned the Popt label ended up working for Poptones.

AND the only other Popt release was by a side project from Ken Stringfellow of The Posies who ended up being signed to Poptones.

There ye go!

Billy Two
18th Sep 2009
 Possibly the first release on Poptones ? Or was Popt a different entity ?

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