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Label:  Polar
Catalogue:POS 1334
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AFridaHere We´ll Stay (Special Version)Tony Colton, Jean RouselPhil CollinsRate
BFridaStrangerJayni Bradbury, Dave MorrisPhil CollinsRate


28th Aug 2012
 Hej Sander1

I also thought it maybe also be Icelandic? I know the LP "Shine" was produced in Iceland, too. But I don't know if they also produced their own singles...

No, there's no "SiB Tryck" Logo on either side of the cover.

27th Aug 2012
 Thanks Meandi73, this confirms my thoughts that my uploaded labels are not swedish. I´m pretty sure they are made in norway instead. I can´t explain the large A on the label though. but it could just be that it´s actually this is the A-side...simpel as that..

When comparing the two labels, I also noticed that the Norwegian (?) b-side label have misspelt the song title as "Stranger" (should have read "Strangers")

A question: Does the sleeve on your copy have "SiB Tryck" printed onto it..?

27th Aug 2012
 Hi sander1!
I added the two label sides from my Swedish copy - which has a small centre hole!
Your labels look quite different indeed! I also wonder about the large bold "A" on side A on the left hand side (underneath the "P" of Polar)...
Anyway, I hope I could help you with my copy, although it is not a push out centre version, either...

8th Aug 2012
 I listed this as a swedish release.. not quite sure about this one though, to be honest..
Usually a swedish made polar release from this period, should have a push out centre and different label print, including "Made in sweden" at the end of the rim text. To me this actually look more like a norwegian pressing... with large centre hole, typical norwegian print design, and the same rim text as normally used on norwegian pressings..It also has machine stamped matrix, as the norwegian pressings have... The only thing that is missing is the norwegian pressing code "710" in the matrix area... so this is actually a bit of a mystery pressing to me.. Anyone got a copy with different and more swedish looking labels, for this one..??

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