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Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:POSP 399
Date:2 Dec 1983
Chart Position:98
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Community:15 Own, 1 Wants
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A1SladeCum On Feel The NoizeLea, HolderChas Chandler10.0  Rate
B1SladeTake Me Bak 'OmeLea, HolderChas Chandler9.0  Rate
B2SladeGudbuy T' JaneLea, HolderChas Chandler9.0  Rate




17th May 2013
 POSP 399 was re-released in late 1983, I remember it being reviewed in Kerrang at the time when Slade's current RCA single "My Oh My" was doing well in the charts. There had also recently been a cover version of "Cum On Feel The Noize" by US metal band Quiet Riot, which flopped in the UK but was a hit in the US (ten years after Slade's original had been a no. 1 smash in the UK but a flop in the US). Presumably, this 1983 re-release was just a cash-in job.

Paul Vinyl
10th Mar 2011
 In 1982 the 12" only was released. POSPX 399

In 1983 the 12" was Re-released with slighty different text on the back cover and this 7" was released at the same time.

16th Jan 2011
 The Slade Anthology Box Set has the 12" as December 1981 and the 7" as November 1983, you would think that they would get it right!

16th Jan 2011
 Record Collector Price Guide has this as 1981

Rotatey Diskers
20th Nov 2009
 OK, we'll leave it as December 1983 for now. Maybe we'll get something more definitive at some future date.

My Friend Jack
20th Nov 2009
 I think you're right, RD. There are various Slade discographies on the web, but most of them are based on the same source, I suspect. However... the company that has been re-issuing Slade on CD over the last 3 years, Union Square Music, have a Slade discography which lists 7" and 12" singles separately. According to them the 12" came out in December 1981, with the 7" in November 1983.

Rotatey Diskers
20th Nov 2009
 Looking into this, I can find references to the 12" being released in December 1981 (Music Master, Dellar and Lazell's Rock Records), but the 7" being released in December 1983 (Music Master). Others (Terry Hounsome's Single File, The Great Rock Discography) say the 7" was released at the same time as the 12". I've changed it to December 1981 - I wonder which is right!

My Friend Jack
20th Nov 2009
 My pleasure! Terry Hounsome's Single File. has it down as December 1981. However, the back of the sleeve (the scan doesn't show this clearly) says (c)1982 ...and bearing in mind that POSP 400 was in February 1982, I think we can be sure that December 1983 is wrong.


20th Nov 2009
 Never saw a 7" of this! I've known the 12" POSPX 399 with 4 tracks since it's original release (which I have down as 1982). Cheers!

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