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Artist:The Jam
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:POSP 540 / 2059 575
Date:26 Nov 1982
Chart Position:1
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Community:61 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe JamBeat SurrenderWellerPeter Wilson8.5  Rate
BThe JamShoppingWellerPeter Wilson8.3  Rate


16th Mar 2012
 added different label scans - these came with my recently purchased copy
could have been a mix up by its former owner (or seller!) as they´re the same as on the double-pack

30th Sep 2011

slight change of lyric around 30 seconds in...

6th Nov 2010
 Ha! I'd never noticed that. Just checked my DJ-press and yep, "rubbish". Thing is, they could've left "bullshit" on there cos the vocal mix is so poor no-one would've noticed.

5th Nov 2010
 There are censored promo copies (PODJ 540) on which the phrase "bullshit is bullshit" is replaced by "rubbish is rubbish"...I seem to remember that, on a Top of the Pops appearance, the band mimed to the radio version but Weller inadvertantly mouthed the original lyrics before bursting into laughter when he realised his mistake!

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