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Record Details

Artist:John Travolta
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:POSP 6 / 2001 809
Date:29 Sep 1978
Chart Position:2
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:45 Own
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AJohn TravoltaSandyLouis St. Louis, Scott Simon7.8  Rate
BJohn TravoltaCan't Let You GoGary BensonJeff BarryRate


A release date of 22 Sep 1978 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 742


Michael Earith
8th Nov 2014
 I See An Old Style Early 70s Hot Red Labelled Version There With Juke Box Push Out
Centre EMI Style.
Hong Kong Garden By Siouxsie & The Banshees AND Ding-A-Dong By Teach In Were
Also Subject To These Such Pressings.

24th May 2014

3rd May 2011
 Yet the B side of the green/gold label Midsong version says it is from the Polydor LP "Whenever I'm Away From You".

The B side is a terrific song but sadly not this version. Check out you tube for the writers version.

Plus the red Midsong injection versions is a French release so that should also be a seperate entry.

3 entries for the same record with the same cat number, All valid entries though

3rd May 2011
 I make you right VJ. I was checking a little while ago to see if there were any US Midsong International releases on the database yet, as I have a few to post. There are none at the minute.

At least 4 of the scans on this page, plus the pic. sleeve, need to be added to one new entry on Midsong Int., as they have no 'Polydor' markings at all.

Also Side B of the release with the injection print Gold, and the red version, both have ℗1978 on them, whilst the others have ℗1977, suggesting both the Midsong versions are later issues.

3rd May 2011
 Hmm... what about the fact 2 of the injection moulded examples are on Midsong International rather than Polydor?! Surely we don't need 3 UK entries for Sandy, vocal masterpiece though it is...

3rd May 2011
 I have just uploaded paper label A and B sides of this record but the catalogue number is POSP 006. I take it this is ok to go here?

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