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Record Details

Artist:The Jam
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:POSPJ 113 / 2816 024
Date:10 Mar 1980
Format:Double Pack
Chart Position:1
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Community:78 Own, 6 Want
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A1The JamGoing UndergroundPaul WellerVic Coppersmith-Heaven9.2  Rate
B1The JamThe Dreams Of ChildrenPaul WellerVic Coppersmith-Heaven9.3  Rate
C1The JamAway From The NumbersPaul WellerVic Coppersmith-Heaven7.7  Rate
C2The JamThe Modern WorldPaul WellerVic Coppersmith-Heaven7.8  Rate
D1The JamDown In The Tube Station At MidnightPaul WellerVic Coppersmith-Heaven8.5  Rate


This limited edition of 100,000 (!) of Going Underground came as this double pack featuring a second disc "Recorded live at The Rainbow Theatre - November 3rd 1979."

The second single has the catalogue number 2816 024.
Also available as a regular single (POSP 113)


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31st May 2015
 added label scans from disc 2, French pressing - this shows the French copyright text around the edge plus the gripper ring

10th Aug 2013
 Mine are still In there Full White Paper Inner Sleeves. H.

20th Nov 2012
 BEATLEJOHN: When I bought mine, the live single had been placed sleeveless into the pic sleeve while 'Going Underground' came in its own full white paper sleeve. Perhaps a kindly packer at Polydor felt a twinge of conscience? ;-)

23rd Sep 2012
 The correct lyrics: "You choose your leaders and place your trust
As their lies wash you down and their promises rust."

My incorrectly heard ones: "You choose your leaders and waste your trust. Their lies turn to gold and their promises rust." :-D

Paul Vinyl
20th Dec 2011
The first disc isn't quite identical to POSP 113, the Double Pack version has 'MADE IN FRANCE' like the bonus disc.

19th Jun 2011
 The French version of the double pack has different artwork on the back of the sleeve.

26th Aug 2010
 A second note, the first disc is identical to POSP 113...

...also a memory, I remember buying this (back in '80...the American releases were on a few months lag-time, so getting the UK pressings was the way to go,) and thinkiing how chintzy it was to have two singles in one sleeve (no paper inners even!), I remember when I got home instsntly sleeveing the two singles with whites....gee, I wonder how many playing surfaces were marred by those mammoth Polydor gripper/ridges?!?

26th Aug 2010
 Uploaded alternate sleeve and bonus single labels

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