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Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:POSPP 523
Date:Nov 1982
Format:Picture Disc
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:3 Own, 1 Wants
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not sure if this was available when the standard single POSP 523 came out, however my copy was a freebie with the "Fade To Grey - Singles Collection (POLD 5117) in Nov '83, so that's the date I've used.
Did anyone buy one when it was actually in the top 40 in Nov '82?


26th Oct 2012
 Scans added. In answer to the query in Notes, I definitely bought this around the time it was in the chart, so a release date of November 1982 would be correct.

1st Jan 2012
 the Steve Strange issue Palace PALACE 1 is actually listed in one of my old Music Master catalogues, so I think it was at least planned for release.
The Polydor number was one used on my order I placed at the HMV shop, so they must have had a new release lsit or something with it on?
I've checked the number, and it appears to have been issued late 83/early 84 to a single by Samson (Bruce Dickinson's old group before Iron Maiden).
So unless there's some test pressings about, it looks like the number was re-allocated, which is a shame, as I think it would have sold well.

1st Jan 2012
 That "...2525" thing has been giving me headaches. There's long been the suggestion that there was a pre-"Tar" pressing in micro-numbers, credited to The Steve Strange Project, but no-one seems to have come up with evidence. (There was a supposed copy sold on eBay last year but I believed then and believe now that this was in fact a lathe-cut 'modern' thing; I understand that the eBay buyer has possibly come to that conclusion too.) I asked Rusty Egan about it: he thinks there might've been a couple of acetates, not sure.

The release on Palace (something to do with Stiff...) only got as far as pic sleeves being made. I believe that no vinyl was manufactured - not even test-pressings.

The Polydor issue: dunno!

31st Dec 2011
 at the time of the Fade To Grey - Singles Collection being on sale, there were also stories going around about a planned single release from the album of "In The Year 2525" - in fact, I even got as far as ordering one from my local HMV.
There was even a cat. no. on the order - Polydor POSP 660.
However after 3 months of waiting, with the record company telling HMV that it was "out of stock", I gave up and cancelled the order.
I've never seen a copy nor even heard of anyone else seeing one.
The cat. no. does seem to match the date though, and where would HMV have got the number from to order it?

(POSP 657 is a Shadows single from Nov 83, POSP 668 is a Robin Gibb single from early '84)
I've also seen reference to an earlier Steve Strange single also of In The Year 2525, this one on the "Palace" label - cat. no. PALACE 1 (Palace generally issued videos at this time - but they may have been planning to go into singles?)
Would be really grateful if someone could throw some light on it.

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