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Artist:The Romans [Pennsylvania]
Label:  Pye
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AThe Romans [Pennsylvania]NapoliMartin, Guarino, GuarinoRate
BThe Romans [Pennsylvania]Tanto BleuMartin, Guarino, GuarinoRate


A Jamie, U.S.A., Recording


26th Jul 2015
 kahuna51: thank-you; any further memories, and any more information about your records & music will be welcome, as will reminiscences of people - other performers, and music business ah, characters, you may've met in your time in this rather strange-seeming world.

26th Jul 2015
 I joined Lenny Guarino's band in 1967 and played music with him until his death in Dec 2013. He was my best friend for many years. In 1961 he played along with Ronnie in the Romans. Lou Guarino was Lenny's brother and producer. Lou passed away last year at age 82. The Romans were a Pittsburgh band. Lou was partnered with Martin and Lou was World Artisits Records. Lenny and I worked as a trio and at times a 5 piece band. He solo performed in the last few years of his life playing keyboard and singing. Lenny's voice was strong as ever at age 79. He was a fantastic performer.

19th Jun 2012
 Further to keith S's info: There are four PALM label records in the Jamie-Guyden masters file......three of which carry a production credit for 'Lenny Caldwell'. Mr. Caldwell's full name was Venton Leonard Caldwell (known as Buddy) and he was an upholsterer by trade !

19th Jun 2012
 According to the colour radio site , Len Buddy Caldwell's (How many names did he have? I've heard the V came from "Venton") V-Tone morphed into the Palm label and he also used a subsidiary label called Len
Terry Gordon's site has Caldwell as a Jamie/Guyden sub label but they were more likely just the distributors for Caldwells other labels


19th Jun 2012
 davie gordon: Their matrix numbers are derived from the artist's name......
The matrix numbers on this one are: G-TR-1 G-TR-2 - TR = The Romans, and checking the other Caldwell releases Davie, they do all have the artist's initials.

mickey rat
19th Jun 2012
 Caldwell's a bugger to pin down. I had a nibble at publishing copyrights and they're all over the place - no in-house publishing company, no writers that turn up more than once. Like Davie I thought there might be a V-Tone connection but it doesn't fit with Buddy Caldwell's style at all and his Caldwell Publishing doesn't show up anywhere. In fact there's no cohesion here and no indication of a "hands on" person running the show. It appears to be a grab bag of different styles, and only 15 releases in six years? It's almost like the people at Jamie (or whoever were in charge of the label) were saying "what do we do with this one? Oh put it on Caldwell, we haven't released anything on that imprint in the last 12 months.". But maybe there was a Mr. or Mrs. Caldwell pottering away there for six years after all.

davie gordon
18th Jun 2012
 recordman wrote "Matrix numbers on Caldwell releases have pretty much different prefixes on every one of the 15 releases, suggesting (?) they were 'bought in' from a variety of sources"

You can't really tell much from Caldwell matrix numbers, or for any Jamie/Guyden related
release. Their matrix numbers are derived from the artist's name
e.g. Duane Eddy on Jamie 1104 had matrix numbers J-DE 3, J-DE 4.
The Sharps on Jamie 1108 had matrix numbers J-TS 1 and J-TS 2.
So there are many J/G releases that have matrix numbers like J-xx 1 and J-xx 2
The xx is usually the artist's initials - so you can't really determine where the masters
came from or use them for dating a release other than that J-DE 20 comes after J-DE 10
... which you'd know from the catalog number anyway.

I'm not certain but Caldwell may be related to Vinny Caldwell who owned the Philadelphia-based V-Tone label and a few subsidiaries.

17th Jun 2012
 earlybird: Caldwell 402 was Bob Taylor - only title I have is 'Frankie & Johnny'...Craig Alden's "Come On In" / "Louella" was Caldwell 405. Matrix numbers on Caldwell releases have pretty much different prefixes on every one of the 15 releases, suggesting (?) they were 'bought in' from a variety of sources.

mickey rat
16th Jun 2012
 It is indeed Lennie Martin and Lou Guarino. LOC gives composers as: words (Italian and English) by Louis Guarino and Charles Caputo, music by Lennie Martin (pseud. of Rinaldo Marino) and Leonard Guarino.

16th Jun 2012
 I have 402 as Bob Taylor "Dixie/Frankie & Johnny" can anyone confirm

16th Jun 2012
 The 'Martin' I've found is Lennie Martin of Robbee Records, so the Guarino is probably 'Lou' of World Artists Records. Does that make The Romans a Pittsburgh group ?

16th Jun 2012
 Could they be a Mr Martin and the Guardino Brothers?????????????????????+

16th Jun 2012
 Can't help to identify the group, but the record originated on the Jamie distributed Caldwell label (403) on 1st November 1960. Caldwell had 15 releases between 1960 and 1966 according to Jamie master files.

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