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Record Details

Artist:Modern Jazz Quartet
Label:  Apple
Catalogue:PRO 4675
Date:Mar 1969
Format:Promo Only 7"
Title:More Apples Radio Co-op Ads
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:2 Own, 3 Want
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A1Modern Jazz QuartetModern Jazz Quartet Radio Co-op AdRate
A2James TaylorJames Taylor Radio Co-op AdRate


-- Promotional only DJ disc
-- one sided disc / small hole / Mfd by Apple on sliced side (label is otherwise blank)


12th Aug 2015
 Although there was another Dick who did a whole bunch of radio and TV voiceover work in the same period - Dick Tufeld.

14th May 2012
 That's the name I was looking for, it is Dick Wesson.

carey jeggs
14th May 2012
 Here's another theory.I thought there was a hint of 'It began with a closed deserted diner and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey.' Dick Wesson did a lot of voice-over work for film and TV trailers.

carey jeggs
14th May 2012
 Here are some more. Robert Beatty? Barry Morse? Lorne Greene?

14th May 2012
 Wild guess here. Tom Donahue of KSAN?

carey jeggs
12th May 2012
 I don't think that's Valentine Dyall.He sounds Canadian to me.Possibly Murray Kash?

12th May 2012
 Valentine Dyall, perhaps?

11th May 2012
 I have the name of this narrator somewhere on file, but cannot think of his name off-hand. he used to do a lot of voice overs for short featurettes at British cinemas in the late 60s, early 70s.

11th May 2012
 The narrator almost sounds like Orson Welles....John

20th Apr 2012
Hear what all the fuss was about. Label Uploaded

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