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Artist:Jimmy Charles [UK]
Label:  Windsor
Catalogue:PS 120
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns, 1 Wants
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AJimmy Charles [UK]Pitter Pitter PatterTony Hiller, Irving HillerBill Shepherd, Johnny HawkinsRate
BJimmy Charles [UK]How You Gonna Treat Me NowTony Hiller, Irving HillerBill Shepherd, Johnny HawkinsRate


2nd Mar 2013
 I am very sorry to read of Jimmy's death. My sincere condolences, binsy1964.

As I intimated in my private messages, the disc was one of a number I borrowed from a pal. When you then inquired about it, I searched high and low for it again among his collection. But he sells a few now and then and we think it was among a bunch he sold. There is one fellow he may have sold it to, from whom I feel sure I can buy it back. If I get lucky, you are very welcome to it. Just don't count on it, please, to avoid disappointment.

2nd Mar 2013
 Very sad news, Jim (Jimmy Charles) died yesterday peacefully at home after being diagnosed recently with terminal cancer. He was 72.

I'm still really keen to get the record - the family do not have an original copy and it would be great to get this as a lasting memory.

5th May 2012
 Hi Catagna45,

Thank you so much for the offer. I would love to have the record, my girlfriend and her family will be so overjoyed to see the record and hear the b side after all this time.

Thanks again


22nd Apr 2012
 'B side scan added and also sleeve in which it was acquired (which mods may wish to discard). Please tell binsy1964 that if he is still searching for the record, if a mod will send me his address (mods know my own eMail address) I shall send the disc to him with my compliments.

29th May 2011
 This Jimmy Charles is my girlfriend's dad. He actually recorded this in 1960/61. He used to tour with Matt Monroe and people like that before they were really famous. I'm after a copy of this record as my girlfriend's dad does not have it and they only have a version on a compilation CD. Does anyone have it or even a recording of the B side? Thanks

14th Feb 2011
 Lets call him Jimmy Charles (UK) then


davie gordon
14th Feb 2011
 I'd say this is definitely not the "A Million To One" Jimmy Charles - this is
a UK record. Tony Hiller went on to be the main writer/producer for the
Brotherhood of Man.

14th Feb 2011
 Highly unlikely to be the Jimmy Charles whose "A Million To One" was issued on London.

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