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Artist:Steve Jesse
Label:  President
Catalogue:PT 495
Date:Jul 1981
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Community:3 Own
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ASteve JesseShuffle The PackCharles Silverman, S. J. PanattiCharles SilvermanRate
BSteve JesseI'm SorryCharles SilvermanCharles SilvermanRate


8th May 2014
 Hi Lightningwagg, thanks for all the info. I never thought I'd get to see a Steve Jesse video so thanks for posting the links!
I emailed David Kassner a while back and he found me a press release in the archives which he emailed back to me. Biography
I don't suppose Steve has any promo pics from around that time?
I look forward to hearing the album :)

1st May 2014
 I can tell you that the song was recorded at the Matrix Studio in Little Russel Street, London and that Ed Kassner of President Records signed them when he heard the final mix.
I'm hoping to discuss further with Stephen regarding personnel etc.
Cheers for now.

30th Apr 2014
 Here's Lightning's 2 previous videos:

Shuffle The Pack-original

Shifting Sands


30th Apr 2014
 Hi Guys I've just uploaded the promised rescanned version here:


30th Apr 2014
 Hi everyone,

My Brother, Stephen recorded this in 1981, which he co-wrote with Charlie Silverman who was the ex Manager of Herman's Hermits and who also had many songwriting credits during the 1960's.
Unfortunately just as this was released, my Brother was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and had to put the music career on hold. Fortunately he survived and is still singing and writing and is working on an Album as we speak.
By the way we made this short promo at the time and you may find of interest. It was shot on 16mm film and I am currently having this rescanned - sorry this is poor quality from an old VHS tape. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eoxc2mACoI
If you're interested the follow up single was "Shifting Sands" which you will find here:

Hopefully this is of interest to you.

Juke Jules
4th Dec 2011
 Hey, that is good, why don't we all know this guy? No use googling for him; hope he will find his way here someday and tell us who was playing on that track

4th Dec 2011
 Probably my favorite President discovery to date.


The Toad
28th Nov 2011
 Dramatic Pop, with synthesizer weebles and New Waveish vocals. The 'AA' side is a ballad, complete with strings.

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