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Record Details

Artist:The Saints
Label:  Power Exchange
Catalogue:PX 242
Date:31 Dec 1976
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Community:35 Own, 5 Want
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AThe Saints(I'm) StrandedEd Kuepper, Chris BaileyAn Eternal Production9.5  Rate
BThe SaintsNo TimeChris Bailey, Ed KuepperAn Eternal Production9.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 654.


a p mac
25th Aug 2015
 copyright control copy added

1st Jan 2015
 There is a black injection label which credits "Copyright Control" instead of "Chappell/Robinson" floating around...I added it to Discogs, although I din't have a scanner at the time and it sold straight away so sadly there's no images.

7th Nov 2013
 Liz Rowley will be the plugger or record company contact, the date 4/6/77 will probably have some significance, maybe re-promoting the single to coincide with an album release or a Saints UK tour, but I don't have that info.

The Toad
4th Aug 2011
 'Music Master' agrees with JamesTrash, and gives December 1976.

3rd Aug 2011
 I've always listed this as a December 1976 release. Aussie issue on Fatal was September. I think the Power Exchange people rushed this out earlier than planned to catch the buzz around the record which might explain the 1977 date on the labels.

sunny boy
3rd Aug 2011
 Why does the black plastic label version also have 1977 as the date on the label if the UK release date was Oct 1976 ?

27th Feb 2010
 I couldn't resist putting up a scan of the label for the first pressing -- black on black. It would make a good companion to the sleeve for Anarchy in the UK . . . Is that punk enough for you? Paper labels are for the second pressing, I think, and did not come in a picture sleeve, though if anyone knows different please let me know. I've also posted the Stanley Frank/Saints EP.

Billy Two
24th Feb 2010
 Luckily it was only the picture sleeve I was after having already got the 7" - even in it's VG- state it's better than just a Power Exchange company sleeve.

A small world, innit !

Dr Doom
24th Feb 2010
 Billy Two. I must confess that the 45 you bought was indeed flogged by me. I found a non-stickered copy with a knackered 45 inside and then performed the old switcheroo and kept the best of both copies.

Alas you've picked up the worst of both copies - i hope it was cheap!

Monkeyhanger - There is indeed a split 45 - School Days by Stanley Frank i think it was. Quite a horrible item truth be told (the pic sleeve being a mish mash of them both)

24th Feb 2010
 I may have been imagining this, but I'm sure at the same time there was a "Split Single" between The Saints (I'm Standed) and another artist called Stanley Frank? It used to appear in Bargain Bins regularly in 77.

Billy Two
24th Feb 2010
 Either Liz Rowley made a point of name tagging every copy of this she found, or I've just picked up this self same scanned copy in a second hand shop yesterday !!

Assuming the latter, I'd like to take issue with the treatment the previous owner gave to the vinyl...well mashed it is. Own up - who was it !?


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