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Record Details

Artist:Buddy Holly
Label:  Coral
Catalogue:Q 72459
Date:Mar 1963
Chart Position:3
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Community:69 Own, 2 Want
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ABuddy HollyBrown Eyed Handsome ManBerry9.5  Rate
BBuddy HollySlippin' And Slidin'Penniman, Collins, Smith, Bocage7.5  Rate


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5th Apr 2015
 This has got to be the best version of Slippin' & Slidin'. Beats the faster version by far.

1st Mar 2015
 B side of Promo label finally added.

3rd Feb 2015
 music’s been going downhill since Buddy Holly died

(c) American Graffitti :sad:

Record Collector
3rd Feb 2015
 Yes the music was in very low key (yes I know) but it was four years later four boys from Liverpool England changed all that and the rest as they say is history

Neil Forbes
3rd Feb 2015
 Scary thought that it's all of 56 years! Though it was 3-2-1959 in the USA, here in Australia, we got the news as the calendar showed 4-2-1959! The day the music died!

3rd Feb 2015
 RIP Buddy Richie and The Big Bopper and not forgetting Roger Petersen the pilot.

bill mann
3rd Feb 2015
 Charlie's comment was from 2014 !

bill mann
3rd Feb 2015
 Buddy's best, RIP Mr Holley

Charlie Chalk
3rd Feb 2014
 Brown Eyed Handsome Man is certainly a top tune. Probably my favourite too.

RIP Buddy - 55 years today.

bill mann
3rd Feb 2014
 My favourite Buddy Holly record. RIP Buddy.

8th Feb 2013
 Sheet music uploaded

22nd Sep 2011
 I forgot to mention that Mr. Marples was the one that got our Rodney the demo copy in advance of its release so he could brag about it at school. Tut tut. Misuse of influence.

9th Aug 2011
 The last time I saw this disc was in March 1963 and it was the promo copy brought into school by a certain Rodney Marples, nephew of the unlamented Minister of Transport of that era.

9th Aug 2011
 Label variation. Addition of 45 in catalogue #.

In total agreement with Bill Mann's comments and my favourite Buddy Holly record.


bill mann
3rd Feb 2011
 Although Chuck Berry is one of my all time favourites, Buddy beat Chuck at his own game on the topside, this is a really great record, one of Buddy's best. Chuck's version is awful, his guitar just does not flow as usual. Bad day at the office perhaps.

3rd Feb 2011
 Promo copy uploaded.

19th Nov 2009
 Alternative label scans added. Different fonts and layout of Cat No.

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