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Artist:Buddy Holly
Label:  Coral
Catalogue:Q 72469
Date:Dec 1963
Chart Position:27
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Community:39 Own
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ABuddy HollyWhat To DoHollyRate
BBuddy HollyUmm Oh YeahUnknownRate


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10th Nov 2015
 I found 3 versions of the A-side. First video appears to have the vocal overdubs. Is this video what is on the single?

Next 2 have no overdubs, but appear to be different versions. second video appears to be from his Apartment Tapes.



10th Nov 2015
 So this must be the first time these recordings were released worldwide! Featuring overdubs by The Fireballs done ca. 1963, "What To Do" got its first US release on the Holly In The Hills album in Jan 1965 (it was omitted from its UK counterpart in April 65!), while "Dearest (Umm Oh Yeah)" only came out in May 1964 on the Showcase-LP.

2nd Oct 2015
 Thanks Boursin.

2nd Oct 2015
Is the A-side here the same recording as 62448?
Judging by the matrix number (114,086 versus 108,599), yes.

2nd Oct 2015
 Is the A-side here the same recording as 62448?

2nd Oct 2015
 Once Buddy's "Apartment Tapes" we're cleaned up & legitimately issued minus all the overdubs, you can really hear the potential behind these songs.

For those not in the know, the "Apartment Tapes" were an album's worth of home demos Buddy recorded in Dec '58/Jan '59 just prior to going out on his ill-fated final tour. Half the songs were new original compositions, half were cover versions of some of Buddy's favorite R&B songs. The conjecture is that they would've made up his next album once the tour was over.

After Buddy's death, the songs were overdubbed (first by the Coral/Brunswick people in NYC & then later by Norman Petty & The Fireballs, among others - they also worked on many of Buddy's pre-1957 demos, too) & released more than once, to varying degrees of success. I prefer the unadorned versions. Personally, I think that they should've been given to Norman Petty first so The Crickets could work on them. Who better than they would've had an idea of how Buddy wanted these songs to sound? But they were never given the opportunity.

Buddy was obviously a fan of Mickey & Sylvia, recording both "Dearest" & "Love Is Strange", which itself was the inspiration for Buddy's own "Words Of Love", which was a flop upon release, but now recognized as one of Buddy's most ambitious recordings.

Back when I used to make my own tapes (& later CD-R's), I used to group all the songs from the "Apartment Tapes" together & call it "The Lost Album"...

A piece of trivia: The "Apartment Tapes" were recorded on the same machine that Buddy had cut most of his hits on (he bought it off of Norman Petty).

2nd Oct 2015
 The lyrics are same, unless you count the backing vocals.

Both versions are easily compared on YouTube:

1961 (on LP already in 1960);

Nobby_Music FrmCov.
2nd Oct 2015
 What are the beginning lyrics to the 1961 and 1963?

19th Oct 2012
 "Dearest" is the only correct title of the song, whose original version was released in 1957 by Mickey & Sylvia. It's just such an obscure song that nobody could identify it in pre-Google 1963. It was only known that it was not an original song by Holly – therefore the initial release credited it as "Umm Oh Yeah" and the composer as unknown. Later releases corrected this.

20th Feb 2012
 The song Umm, Oh Yeah is nowadays given the alternative title Dearest on compilations. "Dearest" is, of course, the first word of the lyric. Since this is one of the NYC demos (later overdubbed by The Fireballs under the supervision of Norman Petty), it's hard to see why the composer credit is not known. The track also appears on the EP "Buddy - By Request", where the credit goes to "Gibson, Baker".

9th Mar 2009
 'What To Do' is a different recording to the 1961 release.

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