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Record Details

Label:  EMI
Catalogue:QUEEN 4
Date:10 Sep 1984
Chart Position:13
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:61 Own, 2 Want
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AQueenHammer To Fall (Edited Version)MayQueen, Mack8.7  Rate
BQueenTear It UpMayQueen, Mack7.8  Rate


Red or live picture sleeve.


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21st Jan 2015
 "Laminating" is the process used when printing a sleeve -

The correct terminology for this type of glossy finish on a sleeve is "Laminated".

The counterfeit issues are "Unlaminated"

Hope that clears it up :D

18th May 2014
 I guess, Brian likes this website. He has linked it in his soapbox on brianmay.com....

9th May 2014

8th May 2014
 He has answered this before, and apparently it was EMI that requested it withdrawn as they thought people would get confused and think it was a live release. Can't find the original article now, but EIL quote BM as saying that.


7th May 2014
 I did send an E-Mail to Brian asking him to answer the question....

6th May 2014
 Unfortunately, I don't have a source other than my brain remembering interesting nuggets of trivia, but I either heard or read something from Brian at one time disclaiming that it was he that had the sleeve withdrawn. If I can remember correctly, I believe he said it was the record company that withdrew the sleeve as he thought it was a great sleeve and liked the picture.

26th Nov 2013
 Information about the different releases:

Hammer To Fall was first planned to be released with live-sleeve, but Brian (I guess it was Brian) didn't like it and so finally the red vinyl was released. In UK (I guess at Wooltworth) the disc was sold before the day of release and in USA a very few copies (extremely rare) went out.

The REGULAR sleeve is the red SLEEVE. Released with black jukeboxhole-labels, silver labels or black labels with small hole.

The WITHDRAWN live-sleeve has a LAMINATING cover and came with black labels with big hole or silver (same as with the red sleeve) labels. (As an expereinced collector: This is a record on its own and should be seperated here from the red sleeve).

PIRATES/COUNTERFEITS ot the live-sleeve where released with UNLAMINATING sleeve (black labels with big hole only) in black, blue or red vinyl! They are listed seperately.

8th Aug 2012

28th Apr 2012
 The Live picture sleeve was withdrawn

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