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Artist:Joe Jones And His Orchestra
Label:  Roulette
Date:Oct 1960
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Community:23 Own, 1 Wants
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AJoe Jones And His OrchestraYou Talk Too MuchJones, Hall8.0  Rate
BJoe Jones And His OrchestraI Love You StillJones, HallRate


#3 in Billboard

a) 14088 (2.12)
b) 14089 (2.02)


Comments and Reviews
27th Dec 2015
 Alternate set of spokes labels added.

30th Aug 2015


Same deltas as the roulette distributed pressing on Ric.

7th Mar 2015

Juke Jules
12th Feb 2015
 The 'alternative version' video posted by RecordDragon is a ludicrously speeded-up playing of the 'third' or 'alternative' Roulette R-4304 version as per the video posted by stereotom below; notice the playing times of 1:57 (despite a longer fade) vs. 2:15

So how do we tell the two releases apart? Do they both show matrix no. 14088?

22nd Aug 2014
 Just listened to 30 or forty version of this available on Spotify...(.aren't there a lot of compilation albums for sale?).

Each and every CD played the same version - the one Record Collector put up here...but what a difference in sound quality there is

21st Aug 2014
 Uhm..... where do I begin? (or end...)

The version in the video I posted, is seemingly only known to exist on that one 45 rpm pressing. I've not even found another copy like it..... if it was ON cd, I would not have posted the video here and would have bought the CD as soon as I found out it existed..... in short, no, that version exists on that 45 only.... whether or not there are more copies of that pressing out there, I don't know.... it seems to be one of a kind, right now....

20th Aug 2014
 Thanks for clarifying that, Tom. It is an interesting version. I like that original version.
Now, is there any CD out there that has all 3 versions of this song on it?
Technically, does Roulette (or whomever owns Roulette masters) own the rights to all 3 versions?

Record Collector
20th Aug 2014
 This is the version that everyone would be familiar with

20th Aug 2014
 Yes, RD. That is the original Roulette 1958 recording that was first issued on cd around 1994. It had never been issued anywhere prior to that, to my knowledge.

20th Aug 2014
 Anyone know where this version originated?

Is it the original Roulette version?

mickey rat
19th Aug 2014
 I.I.N.M., Planetary was ASCAP Absolutely right WB. I was typing off the top of my head - should know by now to check.

19th Aug 2014
 Tom, a little patience please my friend!...John

19th Aug 2014
 RecordDragon, your question was answered the last time you asked it.

The 1958 recording he made for Roulette didn't see release anywhere until the CD era. The Ric 45 and Roulette 45 versions are the SAME.

19th Aug 2014
 So the RIC recording is different?

19th Aug 2014
 From All Music
1958 Jones signed with New York City-based Roulette to cut "You Talk Too Much," a song written by Fats Domino's brother-in-law Reggie Hall and summarily rejected by the Fat Man himself. Roulette shelved the disc, but Jones loved the song and re-recorded it in 1960 for the small New Orleans label Ric, complete with a new arrangement courtesy of Harold Battiste. When "You Talk Too Much" topped New York radio, Roulette cried foul, filing an injunction that forced Ric to withdraw its version. The song soon reappeared on Roulette, crossing over to reach the pop Top Five by September. While Ric issued an answer record, Martha Nelson's "I Don't Talk Too Much," Jones' own follow-up, "One Big Mouth," flopped.

19th Aug 2014
 It seems that a previous recording of "You Talk Too Much" was already in the Roulette files when Joe Ruffino recorded the song


19th Aug 2014
 I.I.N.M., Planetary was ASCAP whilst Nom, Kahl and Patricia (and, later, Big Seven) were all BMI.

mickey rat
19th Aug 2014
 That's easy. Nom was Morris Levy's too. I'm not sure but he may have folded Kahl, Planetary and Patricia all into Nom when Phil Kahl and Joe Kolsky went off to start Diamond Records. There are others here who probably have this info at their fingertips.

19th Aug 2014
 Ah, but how did Nom Music (as shown in {Images #1367541 & 1367543} get the copyright?

mickey rat
19th Aug 2014
 I can't remember the legal trail here (if I ever knew) but it's worth mentioning that Kahl was Morris Levy's imprint (looked after by Phil Kahl) and Ben-Ghazi was Mickey Baker's (and Sylvia Robinson's?) firm. How on earth did Mickey & Sylvia get in on this one? Joe Jones probably saw himself as quite an operator until he met the New York heavies.

19th Aug 2014
 The blue RIC label version that was distributed by Roulette uses the actual Roulette stampers. There were legal issues with the record so this recording was hard to find when it was originally released.

In fact, the first mentions of the record in Billboard show it on the Ric label.

It charted interestingly, too:

October 3, 1960: Ric Records
October 10, 1960: Roulette Records (also noted in this issue is an article that says Roulette has bought the master outright from Ric, who had no legal rights to issue the record to begin with)
October 17, 1960: Record is on the Hot 100 on Roulette, but still on the Hot R&B Sides chart on Ric.

19th Aug 2014
 I've never seen the RIC label version of this single before coming to this site. My pressing is on the Roulette Golden Goodies label.
Even the Goldies 45 label credits Roulette and not RIC.

19th Aug 2014
 Ric and Roulette (not the below video) are the same version.

18th Aug 2014
 Are these tracks the same recordings that appeared on RIC? I've not heard the version in the video before.

4th Jan 2014
 Some pressings of this contain an alternate take of the song (allegedly). I've never found any to confirm it though I have been looking... I picked up one copy that looked just like this on ebay and it contained the normal version...


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