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Artist:Adam Faith
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 4591
Date:23 Oct 1959
Chart Position:1
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Community:125 Own, 1 Wants
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AAdam FaithWhat Do You Want?VandykeJohn Barry9.1  Rate
BAdam FaithFrom Now Until ForeverM. Nesbitt, H. Nesbitt, VenisJohn Barry6.5  Rate


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Focus B
13th Aug 2016
 Re Meteor2000's interesting comments I've seen hundreds of standard EMI four prong versions yet only two Philips 3-prong pressings (I have one of them). It would seem the EMI version came first with Philips enlisted to keep up with the demand.
One EMI single I've only seen as a Philips 3-prong release is Cilla Black's "You've Lost That Loving Feeling".

8th May 2015

30th Mar 2014

A Side: What Do You Want?

29th Mar 2014
 Taking your word... ;-)

29th Mar 2014
 @zabadak - it's long been held that this is the shortest UK #1 hit, which I'm fairly sure is correct. Poor Me is about ten seconds longer (comparing remastered CD versions of the tracks, anyway).

Re: Adam Faith's vocal delivery, forget his lisping, he sounds borderline Oriental in parts of this!

Yes, these records do sound rather dated today, perhaps why this one was used in a slightly surreal opening segment of the soap Hollyoaks a few years ago, accompanying a female character dusting her house like a typical 1950s housewife.

2nd Sep 2012

2nd Sep 2012
 Oh yes!

2nd Sep 2012
Much like Elmer Fudd in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

carey jeggs
2nd Sep 2012
 I think in the case of Hamilton,Joe Frank & Reynolds the difficulty the singer has is with the letter 'l' rather than'r'. He sings 'fawin in wuv.'

2nd Sep 2012
 Then there's this classic, from 02:04 onwards...

2nd Sep 2012
 Gene Pitney was another one who had difficulties with 'r'.

2nd Sep 2012
 Surely this one takes the biscuit, Catagna45. :-D

2nd Sep 2012
 "Don't turn awound 'cos I'll be missing" ... invites a thread to those singers that every now and then betrayed a slight (and appealing) lisp (Sinatra included). IMO, listening to assorted newscasters on TV and Radio, this mild speech defect adds indelibly to a woman's allure.

29th Apr 2012
 People always say that Parlophone was a one hit label before George Martin signed The Beatles, why does nobody seem to remember the two number one's and all the top ten hits Adam had .

13th Mar 2012
 95 seconds long - one of the shortest Number One hits?

Poor Me is the shortest!

28th Feb 2012
 These old Adam Faith songs sound dated today but the combination of Adam and John Barry went down well with the Great British Public, including me!

19th Feb 2011
 Coincidence seeing this posted today as I have just been reading the Mojo obituary for John Barry who sadly died on 30 January. It quotes Barry as after the sessions he got a call from Norman Newell (Head of EMI) telling him that it was the worst record he'd ever heard. Newell called him again a few weeks later to congratulate him on being number 1!

Oakley Boys
19th Feb 2011
 One of the most famous three-pronged is Hey Jude by the Beatles. Maybe not strictly a Parlophone release but still has a Parlophone catalogue number.

19th Feb 2011
 meteor..have a look at Columbia DB 7381 thats also a Philips contract

19th Feb 2011
 It must be.
It looks like the Phillips group may have pressed some copies (the three pronged centres). Perhaps EMI had to get their help to keep up with demand. I understand that in the USA RCA used to get Capitol to press Elvis releases as RCA couldn't cope. I've only ever seen this Parlophone record with the three pronged centres.

6th Dec 2009
 95 seconds long - one of the shortest Number One hits?

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