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Record Details

Artist:Santo And Johnny
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 4619
Date:Dec 1959
Chart Position:50
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Community:15 Own, 1 Wants
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ASanto And JohnnyTeardropFarina, Farina, FarinaBob Davie8.0  Rate
BSanto And JohnnyThe Long Walk HomeFarina, Farina, FarinaBob Davie8.0  Rate


26th May 2015
 Demo images added with apologies of no centre's..

29th Sep 2014
 ophion - Mike Vernon handed a copy of sleepwalk to Peter Green and told him to come back when he'd written something similar - the result was Albatross

8th May 2014
 It's funny, I have this single of "Albatross" by Fleetwood Mac, but I've never played it. I've always played the flipside


8th May 2014
 Makes me wonder if the Fleetwood Mac tune Albatross might have been influenced by The long walk home?

21st Mar 2014
 canadian-american's output was not licenced as a whole by parlophone, and parlophone also released licenced various other merkin record companies' product (until emi took over top rank, converted it to stateside, and shifted most, if not all, merkin (& other?) music licenced from independent labels (i.e. not from e.g. capitol, who were by then long-owned by emi; nor from motown, whose recordings appeared in the uk on the tamla motown label from emi's creation of this). it is nevertheless possible to discern more-or-less consistent policies and patterns in emi's behaviour, as regards inventing matrix nos. from scratch within certain series, for licenced recordings they had masters cut for themselves, and may have passed copies onto overseas subsidiaries from, and occasions where they most likely obtained masters cut by the originating companies, and either invented matrix nos that incorporated the original, in an existing emi-format matrix no, or used it "as was" - whether or not doing either "ruined" emi's massive filing system.
without written account and/or eyewitness explanation from inside the belly of the whale, making sense of what record companies have done is a bit like trying to guess whether pyongang or the kremlin are following sane, if brutal, foreign policies, from watching their t.v. newsreels, publicity, western & japanese accounts of radar data - and their publicly-visible actions.
if parlophone used or created a pair of non-emi matrix nos. for a single licenced from a merkin (or canadadadian) record co, and used or incorporated the merkin (or canadadadian) single matrix nos. into them, there was probably a reason for doing so.

20th Mar 2014
 Canadian-American is, however.

20th Mar 2014
 boursin: but parlophone is not an american label emi licenced from the states.

20th Mar 2014
 Not so; EMI just kept the original matrix numbers of almost every US label they licensed. For instance, there are matrix numbers directly derived from Columbia ZTSP, or RCA, Atlantic, Cameo, Ember, Roulette, Philles...

All the matrix numbers I've ever seen for these licensed records are machine-stamped in the standard EMI style, so all the metal stampers for the records I've seen were at least made by EMI. With the (interesting) exception of some King label EPs on Parlophone (Earl Bostic, Tiny Bradshaw etc.), which have the same handwritten matrix numbers as the US King pressings. The metal parts for these were obviously sent in by King.

20th Mar 2014
 the (45 am-can) 5961/5962 45 matrix nos are derived directly from the canadian-american matrix nos, so it looks like emi/parlophone were sent merkin dies to fit into their stampers at hayes, rather than tapes, from which to cut their own matrices. they're continued (with some extras in the xxxxian) into the xxxxian & kiwiiian emi/parlophone release singles.

(i'm not sure why emi turned can-am into am-can - an alphabetically tidily-inclined mind, or sheer disbelief that a merkin label might put the "can" first?)

29th Oct 2012


16th Mar 2012
 Nice tune

14th Jan 2011
 Canadian-American recordings seemed to jump label in the UK with each issue on a record by record basis.

25th Nov 2010
 Absolutely right Moondog,this is a great 2-sider,

10th Nov 2010
 Teardrop was a superb follow-up to Sleepwalk (some might prefer it) and is the proper A-side

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