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Record Details

Artist:The Gollywogs
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 4647
Date:Apr 1960
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Community:9 Own
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AThe GollywogsParade Of The Jelly BabiesLeach, Ross9.0  Rate
BThe GollywogsThe Teddy Bears PicnicKennedy, Bratton4.0  Rate


Listed in booklet 'The New Records', May 1960 (covering April 1960 Releases).


21st Oct 2015
 s'sicfan: "the teddybears' rave-up", however, is an entirely different kettle of fish. . . one trusts. . .°

° - not yet 45catted/worlded, but some day, one day, "the oldest swinger in town" will resurface. . .


21st Oct 2015
 Jelly Babies are a British candy.

20th Oct 2015
  Obviously the name of this female group is regarded as politically incorrect now , but back in 1960 attitudes were different. On the " A " side , the girls harmonize in an appropriately coy manner on a mid-tempo number with lyrics which are thematically similar to the Beach Boys' " Ten Little Indians ". The track is greatly enhanced by the attractive lilting arrangement. I like this record , but I would imagine that very few people bought it. On the flip side is a song which I have always disliked since hearing it as a small child ; therefore , I cannot be objective about this group's take on it.

carey jeggs
24th Sep 2011
 Well it had me on the edge of my seat wondering where it was all going to end.And I'll bet a lot of you were also wondering what was going to rhyme with 'do the trick.'

23rd Sep 2011
 "The Golliwogs" with an "i" were the name of Creedence Clearwater Revival before 1968, the same 4 band members wore blonde Afro wigs as part of their costume, so sadly the same musical political incorrectness existed on this side of the Atlantic...John

23rd Sep 2011

I really have nothing to say about this other than political correctness didn't exist in 1960 hence this was able to be released...

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