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Artist:Tommy James And The Shondells
Label:  Roulette
Date:Oct 1966
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Community:19 Own, 1 Wants
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ATommy James And The ShondellsIt's Only LoveR. Cordell, S. Trimachi, M. Levy9.0  Rate
BTommy James And The ShondellsYa! Ya!Tommy JamesRate


BB Oct 29, 1966

a) 18973 (2.05)
b) 18974 (1.58)


27th Nov 2014
  The B-side

19th Oct 2014
 Note the Tommy James credit on "Ya Ya" on one of these versions. A slip-up by Morris Levy? Of course Levy got a credit on the A-side (which is essentially "This Old Man").

Legend has it that when he saw his name wasn't on the credits Levy bent the acetate, handed it to someone and told them to make it right.

A friend who grew up the late 50's recently read the Bert Berns book and said, "gee, I had no idea all those 45's I bought with my paper route money went straight to the mob....."

(and though no pun is intended, Gee was one of those labels....)

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