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Record Details

Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 4949
Date:5 Oct 1962
Chart Position:17
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Community:98 Own, 8 Want
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AThe BeatlesLove Me DoLennon, McCartney7.1  Rate
BThe BeatlesP.S. I Love YouLennon, McCartney7.7  Rate


1st issue: Red labels. Catalogue number has the prefix 45-R. Some copies have a 'Made in Great Britain' credit under the circled ₤ Parlophone logo. Demo copies miscredit McCartney as McArtney.

2nd issue: Black labels. 'The Parlophone Co Ltd…' perimiter text round the edge of the label is in upper and lower case. With or without Sold In UK text. Released April 1963.

3rd issue: Black labels. 'The Parlophone Co Ltd…' perimiter text round the edge of the label is in upper case only with Sold in UK text. Released in 1964.

4th issue: Black labels with EMI logo. 'Green' picture sleeve. Released March 1976.

5th issue: 20th anniversary release. Red 'shiny' labels, which have the credit 'Produced by George Martin'. Picture sleeve. Released October 1982. Reached number 4 in the charts. Later copies have a barcode on the back cover of the picture sleeve.

6th issue: 30th anniversary release. Silver injection moulded labels. Barcode on back of picture sleeve. Released October 1992.

7th issue: 5th October 2012 50th anniversary release. Red labels in reproduction beach towel sleeve.

8th issue: 22nd October 2012 50th anniversary release. Red labels in reproduction beach towel sleeve.


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2nd Aug 2015
 It's a complete joke this 'Andy White on drums' malarkey. Can anyone actually hear him? I think his car must have got stuck in traffic on the way to the studio

25th Jan 2015
 Just noticed on my red label copy, the tax code is/are (clockwise from the top) O T Z W (not M!). A quick Google search doesn't come up with this combination. Anyone else come across this one?

OK, I think I found my answer on Gizmobob's spread sheet (link below), but I do appear to have another variation if he wants to add it to his list!

Mikey Dread
14th Jan 2015
 I hope it's good news, Motley. Thanks to Felonious for the great link. At least now we have a reference point on the subject for future enquiries.

14th Jan 2015
 Hi mickey

I'll pull my copy out and check but I have had a look at the link for the sample stickers and it looks like its from the 1970s though I could be completely wrong but I'll check to clarify. Didn't pay much for it any ways just about £7 in the end

Charlie Chalk
11th Jan 2015
 Fascinating stuff.

11th Jan 2015
 Beatles Collecting has a page or two on Factory Samples

Mikey Dread
11th Jan 2015
 Is your factory sample sticker pointed at both ends and placed over the company logo rather than the label text, Motley? If so, then it's the correct label for that era. Trouble is, copies are so easy to fake. There have been cases where tricksters purchase 45's by unfashionable 50's/60's artists with their genuine factory sample labels intact, steam them off and reapply them to Beatles stock copies. Using the release Help for example, a stock copy sells for £10, but a stock copy with a factory sample sticker often sells to unsuspecting buyers for £180.

11th Jan 2015
 I have this on red label with factory sample sticker on the front. Is this any Rarer?

29th Aug 2014
 I'd assume the premium price is more due to the nice condition of it. The labels certainly look very clean.

29th Aug 2014
 Is the record worth $340 US Lanark? Is it that rare?

29th Aug 2014
 Well I never.

1st May 2014
 The video contains the original Ringo on drums recording. Later pressings had Ringo on tambourine. Same version also released here


1st May 2014
 Hi all. Vinylsid's video of the original 45 sounds totally different to the other versions I have heard. This is the first time I have heard the original 45 and noticed the prominent mass line and what sounds like a slightly different rhythm. Sounds good all the same.

27th Mar 2014
 With the help from Frank Daniels, coauthor of many Beatles publications, I've put together spreadsheet detailing the 8 known red label variations and how to identify them. They are listed in probable chronological order, showing that the lowest Stampers (1G/1G) weren't necessarily the earliest releases.

Love Me Do (Red Label - UK)

27th Jul 2013
 See here for new shaped coloured vinyl releases by Mischief Music. More examples of what can happen when a recording of a song falls out of copyright.

22nd Jun 2013
 See here for The Beatles Are Back remixes of Love Me Do referred to by Deltics on 24 January 2013 - it's the European CD single release with four remixes plus the "original remastered version".

Oakley Boys
9th Jun 2013
 Where does the Sold In The UK sit in with these issues as we have 4 variations not 3 i.e. red/black no SITUK, black mixed case with SITUK and all uppercase with SITUK

2nd Feb 2013
 yes, pretty awful. This is what can happen when a recording of a song falls out of copyright.

24th Jan 2013
 Stop it NOW!!
The Beatles Are Back - iTunes


8th Oct 2012
 Yup it was the 1982 issue, as seen on 99.9% of "Love Me Do" documentaries and newspapers. Shameful.

7th Oct 2012
 Probably the 1982 20th anniversary reissue.

7th Oct 2012
 Forgive me all, if this states something obvious within the mutliple exchanges on this and the reissue site. But in Stuart Maconie's documentary on BBC4 tonight, at one point he is sitting in an armchair in Paul McCartney's old living room (about 50 minutes in) and he reaches for the 'Love Me Do' Red Parlophone (heavily fingermarked) single from the gramophone stand to his right. On the left of the label it reads 'A Side'. Yet I cannot see such an issue here. Apologies if I have missed something.

5th Oct 2012

13th May 2012
 Very nice - I don't have the copy obtained in 1963 but I do now have one of that vintage (which I bought in the 80s)

12th May 2012
 My earliest Fabs memory is when My Bruvver got the Twist & Shout EP...

12th May 2012
 I was 2 years old the day after this came out, and still remember listening to them on the BBC Radio.

12th May 2012
 I am also approaching the half-century so I'm as old as the Beatles! Fab!

12th May 2012
 I still sometimes talk about how much money I could have, if I never started collecting their records.

12th May 2012
 Coming up to 50 years old and we are still talking about them and there music. Quite amazing really

29th Apr 2012
 The "right" Beatles stuff still sells at premium prices. A mate of mine (who isn't on here no matter how much I hassle him) is selling off his collection as he is emigrating. He sold last week on eBay a copy of the 1st LP black/gold etc. etc. for £2100.00. Not bad seeing he paid 50p for it at a local boot sale last summer.

29th Apr 2012
 A promo copy went for GBP 12,100.00 (approximately US $19,646.77) last Thursday, 27 April 2012, on ebay. The seller is located in Hemsworth in the United Kingdom. I wonder if he is a catter?

20th Feb 2012
 In case there is any lingering doubt about it, the original 1962 red label version with Ringo on drums (and no tambourine) was re-released on the "Past Masters Vol 1" CD, though it was dubbed from a mint copy of the single, the master tape having apparently been lost.

carey jeggs
25th May 2011
 The not-quite-the-blues harmonica on this always reminded me of I Just Don't Understand by Ann-Margret.

Billy Two
24th May 2011
 I've always called the "candy stripe" the "deckchair". Just thought I'd lob that in.

24th May 2011
 groovemaster - The 'triangle' Parlophone sleeve did come after the 'candy stripe' sleeve despite the old LPs on the back... the design change is the equivalent of the spotty Columbia changing to the striped (and similar changes to HMV, MGM etc) during 1961 and by rights, the correct sleeve for LMD (by the end of 1962) should be the 'triangle' sleeve but in fact it seems Parlophone had a lot more of the candy stripes left over than Columbia had spotty sleeves and the candy stripes were common right up until the end of the red label. It was probably just as common to find it in either one (and indeed both versions of the candy stripe!).

24th May 2011

All original Red UK Parlophone releases are the original 1st recording with Ringo: The Ringo Version

the 20th anniversary 1982 retro release is the more common and later after intilal stampers had worn down black label released Andy White version. It is very easy to tell them apart from the rare and collectible Ringo versions,
1. The recording!!!!! (naturally) The Ringo version is slightly dull and bland
2. The label info of A side and Mono and MPL Communications naturally back in 1962 this was not important or needed label info
3. The Picture Sleeve the orginal came in the Parlophone candy-stripe sleeve (the Parlophone triangle sleeves were old stocks and used up when the candy stripe stocks had run out.(Just look at the 2 year old Albums the old triangle sleeves were promoting!!)

The only re-release of the original Ringo version is on the 20th anniversary UK 12" single

Terence Archer
12th Mar 2011
 The 1st Pressing "Made in Gt. Britain" scan I've uploaded carries the ZT tax code in the dead wax(used until 25th Nov 1962). I bought this copy mid-October 1962 whilst home on leave from the RN. Doesn't time fly!

25th Feb 2011
 Calling all Bealtes collectors: check out this link for a new book by the master discographer Bruce Spizer - Beatles For Sale On Parlophone Records: A Narrative and Pictorial Discography of The Beatles UK Singles, Albums and EPs Issued From 1962 - 1970.

I have Spizer's two tomes: The Beatles on Apple Records andThe Beatles Solo on Apple Records and they are both excellent, so I have high hopes for this new book.

23rd Oct 2010
 VJ - the 1992 pressing is on the site on this page as the 5th issue (uploaded by Dr Doom). I don't readily recall why I put the injection moulded release as 1995. I certainly remember buying it after 1992. I've tried to do a search by bar code but with no success (I wish I'd had the presence of mind to make a small note inside the sleeve of the date of purchase but then I had no idea I would be contributing to this site all these years later!).

I can only think that the 45 was re-promoted to tie in with another Beatles release. This might well have been the March 1995 release of Baby It's You.

On the injection moulded release of R 6009 - Imagine, I'm working on a theory and will post it under that entry when I've finished writing it.

23rd Oct 2010
 JPGR&B - how do you know that injection moulded version was released in 1995? Was there not a new pressing in 1992 for the 30th anniversary?

Since we're on about those injection moulded labels do you think R 6009 might be 90s as well? It's hard to tell since that style of 'label' was used from at least mid 80s to mid 90s! Did it come with a picture sleeve as well? The 1985 date was just a guess (see the discusion on the Apple version of R 6009).

22nd Oct 2010
 Scanned image of 30th Anniversary promo display flat uploaded. Commemorating 30 years and still available on 7" vinyl.

25th Aug 2010
 Joe, the following is taken from beatlescollecting.co.uk:

"Items produced before before and during the 1960s were subjected to different tax levels that varied from year to year. Therefore a tax stamp was pushed into the vinyl either in the deadwax or embossed on the record labels themselves. Its use was removed in late 1969."

The site has a chart which is very useful in dating the early Beatles singles releases. PT, for example, indicates that it was pressed between 26 November 1962 and 1 January 1963 so yours is not one of the very first pressings but was issued some time before the end of 1962.

The "PT" on the knock-out centre doesnt literally stand for "Purchase Tax" but it is the Purchase tax code for the changes in nov 1962


25th Aug 2010
 Any one who knows what the P T means on the "PS I love you" side ?

5th Jun 2010
 Brilliantly pastiched in The Rutles:

I feel good, I feel bad
I feel happy, I feel sad
Am I in loov
I moost be in loov


20th Mar 2010
 There is currently a signed copy of the red label version on ebay.com, with one bid so far of $15,000: reserve not met. The blurb says "The record was signed on Oct 6th 1962 in Dawson's Music Store Widnes Cheshire".

Item number: 150424870721

30th Jan 2009
 Ahhh the red. Macca, 'imself, described Love Me Do as "the greatest lyric we ever wrote". It was something like that. I cannot find the exact words right now for reasons of beer. Palpable nonsense.Yet Love Me Do remains the first thing that the world heard. I have seen quotes from musicians, no less, stating how strange this single sounded at the time. Play it to an aficianado of cutting edge "dance" music now, and you would doubtless get the same reaction. There is, to this ear, something soothing about this single. All the usual cliches about innocence etc etc apply. Of course, the Beatles were rather less innocent than the average set of middle aged genitalia.Nevertheless...love, love me do.

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