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Record Details

Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 5084
Date:29 Nov 1963
Chart Position:1
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Community:196 Own, 5 Want
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AThe BeatlesI Want To Hold Your HandLennon, McCartney9.0  Rate
BThe BeatlesThis BoyLennon, McCartney8.3  Rate


Also issued as Decca and Oriole contract pressings with The Parlophone Co Ltd in upper case, no sold in UK text.

1st issue: The Parlophone Co Ltd in upper case, no sold in UK text with push-out center or solid center

2nd issue: The Parlophone Co Ltd in upper case, with sold in UK text, late 1966.

3rd issue: The Parlophone Co Ltd in upper case, with sold in UK text, solid centre late 1966.

4th issue: Black labels with EMI logo. 'Green' picture sleeve. Released March 1976.

5th issue: Black labels with EMI logo. Picture sleeve. Released 6 December 1982.


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16th Mar 2015
 Added Decca Contract ( I Think ) label scans with no N.C.B. Text and Oriole Contract Press With N.C.B. Text

Neil Forbes
11th Dec 2014
 BlueMeanie, you won't see "Sold in UK subject to resale price conditions...." on any EMI issues prior to 1964. And the remark on the optional(or below the spindle hole on solid) centred labels, disappeared by 1969 from the records, but still appeared on some cassette issues. As this one clearly shows "Recording First Published 1963", it's too early for the "Sold in UK..." bit.

11th Dec 2014
 I seem to have another variation. Mine has upper case parlophone Co Ltd. A non solid centre. No sold in UK etc etc. However northern and songs are lined up must Ltd is slightly misaligned to the right then job is aligned with northern and songs. I will scan it soon. Any ideas?

5th May 2014
 Solid centre 1967 pressing added. Even stranger, the A side has "Sold in UK" blurb on label but the B side doesn't. Definitely one for the Beatles UK label completist!!

20th Apr 2012
 Klepsie, This is down to machine operators error, i.e. not checking his label batch properly.

26th Mar 2012
 All right, you Beatles experts... my copy is "Northern Songs Mus. Ltd." on the A side, but "Northern Songs Mus. Ltd. N.C.B." on the B side... like the Pye pressing scans from Fixbutte, but mine isn't a Pye, just a normal EMI press, I think. Is it a) unusual b) worth scanning?...

28th Feb 2012
 I have now checked my Decca contract pressing. In the run-out grooves I have three dots under the "-1N" on the A Side, and I have two dots under the "-1N" on the B Side - completely different from yours! I've never noticed this before and have no explanation.

According to the mighty Bruce Spizer there are (not counting the demo) some 15 different variations of the first issue. It's worth remembering that this single became the first British record to have advance orders of over one million before it went on sale at the end of November 1963. By mid-January 1964, sales had passed 1,500,000.

28th Feb 2012
 Two great tracks from a tragic band. 1963, I was 21.

Oakley Boys
14th Dec 2010
 rather than upload another scan-- the B side of the Decca pressing exists without the NCB after Northern Songs Mus Ltd.

30th Jan 2009
 This, in commercial terms, was the biggie. The bomb. The shizzle. The nubbin. The mound. The twizzle. The mons pubis. The one that "broke" them in the United States. Bob Dylan, of course, mistook "I can't hide" for "I get high" and thought they were singing about weed. But no, they were still resolutely singing about pussy. Or, rather, they weren't singing about pussy - they were singing about hands. This was also held up against them by dullards as an example of the Rolling Stones being more "hard", "street" etc. etc. and etc. The Stones wish to burn your town, whilst the Beatles just want to hold your hand. John was well miffed, innit? Not least by the fact that the Stones ripped the Beatles off right, left and "fookin" centre (I was going to list examples here, but do you need them? No I thought not). Perhaps they should have called it "I want to rub your hand (Against my enormous drumstick)". Recorded on a 2 track machine in the wonderful studio 2 at Abbey Road, this sounds like they were trying to shove too much onto 2 tracks. This is one of the records, and possibly one of the only records, that pushed the "industry" to come up with 4, 8, 16, 32, and whatever ludicrous number of tracks you can have nowadays. The b-side was also the first real quality Beatles b-side - this could just as well have been the a-side. Again, seeing them do this this boy b-side live on Ed Sullivan etc is still a wonderful thing. Them boys sure could sing.

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