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Artist:The Aces [Parlophone]
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 5094
Date:Dec 1963
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Community:3 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Aces [Parlophone]Wait Till TomorrowVernonA Filmusic Prod.7.0  Rate
BThe Aces [Parlophone]The Last OneGatieA Filmusic Prod.8.0  Rate


5th Jun 2013
 Demo images now added...

16th Nov 2012
 Johnny Pat (John Patterson, bass) from the Aces is still very much alive and well and playing fairly regularly (usually as "Johnny Pat & The Aces") in and around Hull and elsewhere.

EDIT: Johnny released his first memoir "Aces High" in 2015.

31st Oct 2012

31st Oct 2012

2nd Jun 2012
 actually the aces were from hull and the song got absolutely slated on juke box jury and was the only original record played oil give it three was tyhe remark made.anyway beatboy my name is eric lee i was the vocalist with the band wich consisted of john paterson bass brian gatie guitar and his brother adrian on drums and myself our follow up was a cover of the drifters i count the tears the b side was but say it isnt so written by brian if you want to get in touch my email add is ericthewitch@sky.com,,,many thanks eric lee

28th Jan 2011
 Its a very catchy merseybeat record and I hope I can find this recod or if anybody out there knows where I can get a hold of it.

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