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Artist:Cilla Black
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 5133
Date:1 May 1964
Chart Position:1
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Community:80 Own, 1 Wants
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ACilla BlackYou're My World (Il Mio Mondo)Binde, Sigman, PaoliJohnny Pearson7.7  Rate
BCilla BlackSuffer Now I MustWillisJohnny Scott5.5  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 22.


2nd Aug 2015
 R.I.P. Cilla

29th Jan 2015

22nd Sep 2014
 ...thank you David, I did a bit or research and Sheridan is small.....

1.69 metres = 66.54 inches = 5 ft 6 1/2 inches....that must be Cilla's height
1.57 m = 61.8 inches = almost 5' 2" for Sheridan Smith, checked on wikipedia.

Most women wear heeled shoes, average 3", some do the 5" thing, but that still makes that little actress 5' 5" tall in most shots, whilst the real Cilla who can be seen in many historic pictures with The Beatles, looks to be of a similar height (in her heels) to them, who were 5' 8" - 5' 11" (without their Cuban heel boots on).


22nd Sep 2014
 with strings that sound like a Hitchcock soundtrack....

David M. McKee
21st Sep 2014
 1.69 metres = 5 ft 6 1/2 inches
Edit: This is Cilla's height.

21st Sep 2014
 .....Sheridan Smith nails it as Cilla Black, who I did not realise was a Catholic.....!!

Compulsive viewing for those of a certain age who lived through that era and did not realise all the shenanigans that were going on.....

Question: I always thought that Cilla was fairly tall, maybe 5'6" or even taller, but Sheridan looks tiny......anybody know her vital statistics?

21st Sep 2014

Mikey Dread
21st Sep 2014
 Totally agree, sct352, superb TV Drama. Sheridan Smith has made the part her own. I hope the last two episodes are as good.

21st Sep 2014
 Having watched episode 1 of 'Cilla' I can honestly say that Sheridan's portrayal of Cilla is spot-on and her singing (live) fantastic. I expect we'll see Cilla's greatest hits in the top ten soon on the back of this excellent drama and deservedly so. I do hope they cover the Burt Bacharach session for 'Alfie' on one of the later episodes.

9th Sep 2014
 Hi Guys. The Drama Starring Sheridan Smith as "CILLA" Is on ITV at 9:00 on Monday September 15 and Is the First Part of 3 Episodes. H.

16th Aug 2014
 Hi Guys. Want to give You all a Heads up on a New Drama Called "CILLA" It stars Sheridan Smith as a Young Pricilla White on Her way to Becoming Cilla Black. It uses (To The Best of there Ability) All the original places that She was In, In the Sixties. Sticking only to the Facts this should Prove to be a Brilliant Watch. She Looks so Like Her. Check It out. HERE H.

1st Oct 2013
 Originally written by Umberto Bindi PM45 3235

Michael Earith
1st Oct 2013
 It's Italian Isn't It?

1st Oct 2013
 Probably not a lot of point in releasing a French version , though the version by

Angelina Monti is a little more lilting and a more muted crescendo than Cilla's

Michael Earith
1st Oct 2013
 I wonder if Cilla actually sang this in Italian as well with the not so easily noticed(il Mio
Mondo)just beneath the main title?

17th Nov 2011

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