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Record Details

Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Apple
Catalogue:R 5452
Date:6 Mar 1976
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Community:1 Owns, 3 Want
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AThe BeatlesPaperback WriterLennon, McCartney8.5  Rate
BThe BeatlesRainLennon, McCartney7.0  Rate


18th Jun 2012
 I'd just leave it at Apple...it's (so far) unique in the Irish Beatle discography......(and it was issued on Parlophone in Ireland)...opinions Euro folk?....John

18th Jun 2012
 Should the label be Apple/Parlophone?

16th Mar 2011
 Lovindem45's... you like the b-side better but you rate it 4/10 compared to the a-side's 7/10?!!

13th Mar 2011
 I def liked the b-side better!

13th Mar 2011
 Maybe he dug the B-side better!....take care til then...........John

13th Mar 2011
 This is my last posting until next Sunday as i am off to the Cheltenham races first thing in the morning.This 1976 Irish Pressing is something else indeed.I can only assume that some enterprising worker decided to use up a batch of old Apple labels that he found lying around.Save the ( Rain) forest.He even put it up as the A side.

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