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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 5675
Date:15 Mar 1968
Chart Position:1
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Community:87 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe BeatlesLady MadonnaLennon, McCartneyGeorge Martin7.8  Rate
BThe BeatlesThe Inner LightHarrisonGeorge Martin7.3  Rate


Some with fan club insert.

1st issue: The Gramophone Co Ltd in upper case, with sold in UK text on push-out center or solid center and (P)1968 under matrix number on label.

2nd issue: The Gramaphone Co Ltd in upper case, without sold in UK text on push-out center, issued in 1969.

3rd issue: Black labels with EMI logo. 'Green' picture sleeve. Released March 1976.

4th issue: Black labels with EMI logo. Picture sleeve. Released 6 December 1982.


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8th Mar 2014
 Worst Beatles song ever! I'd rather listen to Revolution 9 on a 24 hour loop than hear this rubbish once!!!! Dreadful.

3rd Apr 2013
 After this single , the next 7" released was the 6 x track " Lady Madonna " EP on Avenue Records , cat . no . AVE 51 . The six tracks were :- La - La - La , ( He Gives Me Love ) / Congratulations / Lady Madonna / Valleri / Jennifer Eccles & Cry Like A Baby , released in a picture cover .

Further research has revealed that all of the tracks on the ABOVE EP are all , in fact , cover versions by The Clive Allan Orchestra And Singers .

19th Jun 2012
 They just don't understand do they? (the wives)
But where would we be with out their little loving utterances.

18th Jun 2012
 ....and, by the way....Macca ...turns 70 today......John ( and, I'll thank you, Sir Paul, for the big freakin' pile of vinyl in my house.......................well the wife complains sometimes...............)

18th Jun 2012
 Say "thanks wordnwot", Mr McCartney and those other guys in 'the band' for this, my first payment towards your wealth and richly deserved success and your part in starting me down the endless labyrinth that has brought me to where I am today, a freakin' great big pile of vinyl.

4th Jun 2012
 Gilbert003, when you say it has a inner circle round the spindle, are you talking about the type found on the 1976 re-issues. If you are then, between 1969 and 1972 EMI started using new presses at Hayes, which when pressing records left two inner circles on the record which was noticable through the label (Sometimes referred to as 'Polo mint' marks, Life saver mints if your american). It could be that your disc is an early example (Before July 1969), or in the case of 'Hello Goodbye', just labels that were used up after the 'Sold in UK' text was removed in 1969. If it has a sharp edge rather than a flat edge the it is post 1970.

28th May 2012
 I need a little Help with this one. It feels like 70's vinyl but it has the 'sold in UK', plus it has an inner circle around spindle and no tax marks..

25th May 2012
 February 11, 1968 - The Beatles film the TV promo for Lady Madonna


4th Nov 2008
 The Beatles were great nickers. By which I mean they knew the value of 4000 holes in the road, and what one might do with them.That line, of course, was taken from a story in the Daily Mail, and you find this magpie element everywhere throughout their latter oeuvre. A good case in point being this single - Lady Madonna a virtual re-write of Humphrey Littleton's Bad Penny Blues, whilst the rather lovely The Inner Light was taken, lyrically, wholesale from the Taoist holy book the Tao Te Ching. A fan, and scholar of such things, by the name of Juan Mascaro had sent George a copy and George clearly thought "I'll have that". One of the many great things about the Beatles is that, for the commited fan, a little research into their influences will lead you off in a thousand rewarding directions. This single is an excellent example.

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