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Artist:The Locomotive
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 5758
Date:31 Jan 1969
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Community:20 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe LocomotiveMr. ArmageddanNorman HainesGus Dudgeon, Tony Hall8.1  Rate
BThe LocomotiveThere's Got To Be A WayNorman HainesGus Dudgeon, Tony Hall7.4  Rate


18th Jun 2015
 "There's Got To Be A Way"-mono

"There's Got To Be A Way"-stereo

"Mr. Armageddan"-stereo LP version with full intro-"idiotic wife" lyric

"Mr. Armageddan"-stereo-"idiotic wife" lyric

"Mr. Armageddan"-mono-"idiotic wife" lyric

"Mr. Armageddan"-"bloody, stupid wife" lyric-mono with organ intro.


Deepinder Cheema
11th Jan 2014

Need to get better aquainted with the confusing sceptre of everything Norman Haines and EMI. I suspect that there are several takes of all the stuff they recorded at EMI.

21st May 2013
 I haven't heard an alternative version. I had the single, though not in spectacularly good condition, and it said "idiotic wife".

18th May 2013
 I prefer the more guitar led version with the gutsier lyric "bloody stupid wife" instead of "idiotic wife".

18th May 2013
 "Mr. Armageddon" is an awesome song, despite looking as if Locomotive learned to spell at the same school as Slade.

22nd Apr 2011
 This has to be one of the most audacious follow up singles ever made. People who loved "Rudi's In Love" must had been baffled when they heard this since it sounds like a completely different band altogether. Great record!

It's appeared many times on compilations usually in stereo. On the album they released a few months later, it was preceded by a two minute orchestral medley of themes from the album, so most times on compilations, it fades in just as that medley is about to end. The mono single version on the other hand has a totally unique "proper" intro that was not used on the album stereo mix. Though it is available on CD, most people are familiar with the stereo mix which though superb, is not quite the same as the single thanks to that unique intro.

8th Jun 2010
 The advert is a black and white image of the very colourful picture sleeve that demo copies were sent out in.

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