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Artist:Paul McCartney
Label:  Apple
Catalogue:R 5889
Date:19 Feb 1971
Chart Position:2
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:110 Own
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APaul McCartneyAnother DayMr. McCartney, Mrs. McCartneyPaul McCartney8.8  Rate
BPaul McCartneyOh Woman, Oh WhyPaul McCartneyPaul McCartney7.2  Rate


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My Friend Jack
19th Dec 2015
 Reached #1 on the NME chart.

3rd Apr 2013
 Prior to this , Apple released Man We Was Lonely as a 7" single off the "McCartney" album in one of the South American countries . ( It had a large "juke-box" centre hole ) .

4th Jul 2012
 Bobzyeruncle -- well it wasn't the Beatles, and moreover that nasty Macca spoilsport was to blame for them splitting up, wasn't he?... wasn't he... (ahem!)

4th Jul 2012
 This track was slated, horribly by the music press when it came out, for no good reason.
Fantastic lyrics, a beautifully understated (almost minimalist) arrangement and a gorgeous melody.

25th May 2012
 Another Day


7th Sep 2010
 In regards to the Maclen Music Publishing:..when American45cat gets started you'll see the publishing kerfuffle around on John's and Paul's singles for about two years end of 1970 through 1972.....issued with Maclen, same issue without, same issue with both and so on... BEATLEJOHN

7th Apr 2010
 And a bit more from the same source KeithS quoted:

Maclen Music (i.e. named for McCartney and Lennon) is intertwined with Northern Songs. Northern Songs was formed in February 1963 with directors Brian Epstein and Dick James. The initial share capital of £100 was in £1 shares. These were divided into "A" shares with 49 owned by James and "B" shares, with 19 owned by Lennon, 20 by McCartney and 10 by NEMS Enterprises Ltd. The company was restructured prior to February 1965. By that time, all the shareholders had cashed part of their holdings. Lennon and McCartney each received £94,270 and were left holding 15%. The shares they cashed were floated publicly in January at 7/9d. During the restructuring, the shares had been increased to 7,500,000 at 2/- each. This gave the company a value of £2,718,750.

Apart from John and Paul's 15% holdings, Dick James Music held 7%, his family held 15%, Emmanuel Charles Silver (co-director of DJM, who was also chairman of Northern Songs Ltd.) held 15% and NEMS Enterprises held 7%. George and Ringo held 1.6% between them. Although the balance of power would seem to have been equal, the contractual arrangements bound John and Paul to Northern until 1973.

The early songs published by Northern were channelled through the company, Lenmac Enterprises Ltd., which John and Paul sold out to Northern Songs for £ 142,000 each. This sale seems to have included copyright. From the time of the floatation all songs were assigned to Northern through the company, Maclen (Music) Ltd. Monies were divided on a 50-50 basis on 90% of gross takings with Dick James taking 10% of gross for management.

Therefore, Dick James was given first bite of the pie with 10%, Maclen (Music) Ltd. took 50% of the remainder and the left overs were given to Northern from which John and Paul each took 15%. [Once Apple was created it took over 20% of Maclen (Music) Ltd., with the remaining 80% being split evenly between John and Paul.] Maclen (Music) Ltd. was bound to provide Northern Songs with at least 6 songs a year. In effect, over 8 years, they provided more than 100.

Outwith the U.K., different contracts existed to cover the exclusive rights of Maclen Music Inc. for the territories of the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and the Phillipines. There were also other contracts with companies in France, Australia and elsewhere. The core to the relationship between Maclen and Northern was the fact that Maclen assigned the copyright of songs to Northern in return for royalty payments. John and Paul were deriving an income but Northern had control of their songs and that fact is the key to how The Beatles lost the rights to their own songs.

Within days of Allen Klein becoming The Beatles' manager, Dick James sold his shares in Northern Songs to Sir Lew Grade and ATV music for 35/- per share. When the offer was made, Dick James visited Lennon and McCartney at Paul's house to explain his situation. Both the Beatles were angry at what they considered a betrayal, even although it provided them both with substantial amounts of cash. Lennon and McCartney launched a counter bid for Northern Songs of 42/6d a share but the large institutional investors preferred a deal with ATV. At the time of the bid, John held 650,000 shares, while Paul held 750,000 [the difference in holdings arose from the trust John set up at the time of his divorce for Cynthia and Julian]. Both John and Paul netted more than £1,000,000 from the deal.

Although the press assumed that this was the end of The Beatles control over their own songs, it has to be remembered that Northern was nothing more than the distributor for Maclen (Music) Ltd., which would continue to provide The Beatles with an income from their songs regardless of who controlled Northern.

Over the years, there were a number of disputes and High Court actions involving ATV and The Beatles. However, the two managed to establish a working relationship to the degree that both Lennon and McCartney signed solo contracts with ATV Music through their respective companies. Eventually, ATV became a subsidiary of Associated Communications Corporation, which was itself the subject of a takeover battle, coming under the control of Robert Holmes A'Court, who then sold ATV Music to Michael Jackson (and that’s another story!).

But that still doesn't answer Psycho's question as to why his copy of Another Day does not have the copyright claim and I've no answer to that!

4th Apr 2010
 Heres a quote about Maclen that makes it all seem a bit wobbly

Although it is obvious that Maclen (Music) continued to represent an important part of Lennon and McCartney's financial affairs, there is no indication in the accounts as to what income is derived from, or remitted to Maclen Music Ltd. or Inc.
Maclen (Music) Ltd. was formed 4:02:65 with a share capital of £ 100. Only five shares have ever been issued. Two are held by Paul McCartney with another two now being held by Yoko Ono. The fifth is held by Apple Corps Ltd., with which Maclen has a management agreement. various references in the accounts of Maclen (Music) Ltd. and Apple Corps Ltd. make it clear that Paul McCartney has in the past tried to change the agreement between Maclen and Apple. The disputes have been settled on 29th December 1974 and 15th January 1975. The latter settlement agreed the validity of the first and saw Maclen pay £ 1,600,000 to Apple (£ 792,071 in respect of administration and management fees and £ 857,929 in respect of termination).

4th Apr 2010
 What's the story surrounding this copyright claim by Maclen (Music) Ltd. and how come my copy doesn't have it ?

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