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Artist:The Hollies
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:R 5939
Date:14 Jul 1972
Chart Position:32
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Community:38 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe HolliesLong Cool Woman In A Black DressCook, Clarke, GreenawayRon Richards, The Hollies8.5  Rate
BThe HolliesCable CarSylvesterRon Richards, The HolliesJohnny Scott6.0  Rate


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Record Collector
2nd Nov 2014
 Mrs. Vanderbilt made the New South Wales Charts in April 1974

Record Collector
31st Oct 2014
 made the New South Wales (Australia) charts in July 1972

31st Oct 2014
 I propose that for now we just make the date "1972"; these comments will explain the situation to anyone curious.

Problem Child
31st Oct 2014
 Well... thanks for the response! My main reason for asking was to find the correct release date out the conflicting two dates above. 'True date'? It has been stated many times before on 45cat that the date on a record is that of the publishing date of the recording - see any 45 before 1965 where it is written on the label, before the P in a circle was added. The 'True Date' I was after was the date the record was released. It is interesting to find out the date the recording was made, but that's not generally what I think when looking at a record and wondering when it was released. But Thanks anyway.

31st Oct 2014
 "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" was recorded at AIR Studios on July 16th and July 27th to 30th 1971.

"Cable Car" was recorded at AIR Studios on July 16th and July 27th to 30th 1971.

(From the EMI CD releases of The Hollies Greatest Hits and Changin' Times The Complete Hollies January 1969 - March 1973.)

Mikey Dread
30th Oct 2014
 There is some info here, 4th comment down, RD. I'm not sure how correct the comment is though.

30th Oct 2014
 I heard that "Woman" wasn't even going to be released as a single in the first place. Is this true?

My Friend Jack
30th Oct 2014
 As has been stated many times before, the (p) date refers to the year in which the recording was first published. LCWIABD was originally released as an LP track in 1971, hence 1971 appears on this 1972 single.tv I recall this being played on 208 several months before it charted (definitely not as early as Feb 72, more like April / May). There is no "true date" as such, it depends on what you want to know. To me, the release date is what matters, but others will want to know the date of recording. Horses for courses.

Charlie Chalk
30th Oct 2014
 Adding to Klepsie's thinking, I think there are probably three key dates ("true dates") - date(s) of recording, date of completion of the final mix, and date of release.

Neil Forbes
30th Oct 2014
 Well there we have it? Regardless of when the actual physical 45rpm shows up, the "true date" is when the recording was made! A good example would be Paul McCartney & Wings' "Mrs. Vanderbilt" from the Band On The Run LP. Already out on the LP in 1973(when the LP was made) but didn't appear on 45rpm until sometime in 1974. The record's "true date" is thus, 1973!

30th Oct 2014
 "True date"? As I just said, you can do what you like, but every record has a recording date and an issue date, and it's practically never the same. Call it the "recording date" (which in this case was July 1971) and you'll be more accurate, and less dogmatic.

Neil Forbes
30th Oct 2014
 While 14th July, 1972 is stated on the promo label(likely the time when EMI issued the disc to radio stations), the true date of the record is that shown next to the encircled 'P', and that is 1971.

30th Oct 2014
 The catalogue number suggests it was originally planned for February, but the label date is quite clear. Perhaps the line-up changes caused it to be bumped back to summer?

Wikipedia, bless it, hedges its bets and says it was April!!

Problem Child
30th Oct 2014
 I've just noticed that the Demo has the release date of 14th July '72 while the New Singles gives the date of 4th Feb' '72, could anyone explain the why difference. One date should be correct? Just to note, that it entered the charts on the 2nd of September that year.

29th Jun 2012
 this was the No. 1 single in south africa 40 years ago tomorrow, released on PARLOPHONE. SPD 579; fared less well in rhodesia peaking at #9 on 02 sept 1972

2nd Apr 2012
 Added the original promofilm


8th Jul 2011
 EMI probably peeved by The Hollies switching to Polydor put this out to go against the bands new single The Baby and by doing so helped create a few problems. The A side was a Hollies rarity up to that point, a track featuring Allan Clarke as sole vocalist. He had recorded it purely as an album track, later admitting had it been intended to be a single, harmonies would had been added to it.

There was friction within The Hollies in 1971. Clarke envious of his old pal Graham Nash's success in America became disillusioned with The Hollies direction and wanted to go solo. The rest of the band said he would have to leave the band. Clarke quit and they recruited a Swedish singer, Mikael Rickfors. They left EMI and on Polydor set about a fresh start.

A few months after this British release, the A side was released in America on Epic and went to number one in some charts. The Hollies were invited to tour America as a result. Allan Clarke contacted the American label offering to promote it only to be rebuffed... this upset Clarke because it was him singing it and the new lead singer sounded nothing like him. Even The Hollies admitted later touring with a different lead singer on the back of this song was "unfortunate!"

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