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Record Details

Artist:Julie Felix
Label:  RAK
Catalogue:RAK 101
Date:13 Mar 1970
Chart Position:19
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:32 Own
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AJulie Felix(El Condor Pasa) If I CouldTrad., Paul SimonMickie MostJorge Milchberg8.0  Rate
BJulie FelixAloneJulie FelixMickie MostRate


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21st Apr 2013
 Added white label pressing. The dead wax markings match the stock issue (both sides also show KT which I suppose is the tax code). Came in plain white bag with release date stamped on.


Ade Macrow
28th Dec 2011
 Some copiews were mislabelled with 'Alone' B side label on both sides of single.

The Toad
30th Nov 2011
 Scans of perforated labels uploaded.

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