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Label:  RAK
Catalogue:RAK 104
Date:25 Sep 1970
Chart Position:13
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Community:54 Own, 3 Want
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AC.C.S.Boom BoomHookerMickie MostJohn Cameron4.0  Rate
BC.C.S.Whole Lotta LovePage, Plant, Jones, BonhamMickie MostJohn Cameron8.8  Rate


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22nd Jul 2013
 I Have the Cross Over Show on DVD. It was DLT, He Said you are waiting to hear the Usual theme. But No We are now Running down the Chart with a Climber from now On. H.

22nd Jul 2013
 It may have been a long serving TOTP theme, but it was barely played from 77-81. The rundown was normally a chart song (this came at the beginning of the programme, after a few words from the host) and the End Credits were also a chart song. Cant recall WLL being used at all post 76.

21st Jul 2013
 Nice story, bigtom. But in the background might be added: "Be careful what you wish for."

21st Jul 2013
 Reminds of the interview on Irish TV when Philo was asked how does it feel to hear your song used as the theme for Top Of The Pops he answered in his dry Irish wit I wish I had written the theme for Coronation Street.No doubt pound signs flashing in front of his eyes.

21st Jul 2013
 TOTP theme tunes... there had been a few up till this point. Unfortunately, the BBC wiping almost everything from the 60's and much of the early 70's makes it difficult to determine exactly when the themes changed. The tune as released by Dave Davani was used over the closing credits each week as played live by the TOTP orchestra right up until the CCS record began being used. The earliest existing TOTP using CCS is from April 1971, but there is an earlier show from January that year that's not escaped from the BBC library so not known whether CCS was used back then. Either way, my guess is it began being used in early 1971. An October 1970 edition that exists uses an opening theme they'd been using for about a year. So to answer your question, early 1971, possibly January... definitely in place by April and it would be used for ten years. It was finally replaced in mid 1981 by Phil Lynott's "Yellow Pearl" making it's debut on the 900th edition of the show which fittingly reunited the original 4 DJ's that hosted the show back in 1964. Hence CCS hold the record for the longest lasting TOTP theme tune though in later years it was mainly used as background music on countdowns and previews.

21st Jul 2013
 When did Whole Lotta Love become the theme tune to TOTP? Did it replace the original theme tune by the Dave Davini 4 or had there been a few up till that point?

Mikey Dread
24th Mar 2013
 Demo labels with release date, scans uploaded. Whole Lotta Love is superb!

30th Jun 2012
 There should perhaps be a Notes regarding how the TOTP theme came to be listed as the A side.

29th Jun 2012
 Hi Graham7 My CCs one has "Boom Boom" as the A-Side so you are right. Also I have the first press of Kraftwerk's Model, With "Computor Love" In the Monitor Window on the front of the Sleeve, And A-Side on the disc, as well. Also have the Reversed one when the Model became Number One.

5th May 2012
 4-prong push out centre label scan added.
Is this what groovemaster refers to as dinked?
Kraftwerk's The Model EMI 5207 isn't listed in this way for example.

27th Jun 2011
 Mickie Most was one of the canniest men in the industry. He knew how to make money. He was getting nice percentages off all his productions, and when one considers how big Herman's Hermits and The Animals were in the US... Most really cleaned up getting more money than any of the acts. When he was assigned to produce The Seekers he laid down his terms. He would have a 4% cut. Judith Durham protested claiming it was unfair because the Seekers were on 3% - split between the 4 of them. He also had his own publishing company which was very lucrative.

Most didn't really care much about stereo or albums. To him hit 45's was what mattered. For instance, he only produced a couple of tracks on Jeff Beck's first album. He HATED Rod Stewarts' voice so wouldn't work with him and most of the album was produced by Ken Scott, but Most got the credits and the cash. Thankfully, Most did pay for and kept much of his multitrack masters and since his death, EMI have been making new stereo mixes when possible since he rarely ever bothered with stereo back then.

This all might sound like digging at Mickie Most. I'm not. His biggest talent was his ear for good pop songs. He did have a golden ear. Rod Argent and Chris White met up with him in 1968 to play a bunch of demos. They sat in astonishment as Most would reject songs after just ten seconds. Only one song he did listen to all the way through and for a second time before deciding not to to take it. Argent and White said it felt intimidating but they respected his opinions and acknowledged he knew a hit when he heard one.

27th Jun 2011
 a dinked copy would be a dream :(

27th Jun 2011
 1. Boom Boom is the A side
The outstanding B side was picked up for the TOTP theme both tracks are in outstanding Stereo (for mono Most and Rak) The big follow Up Walkin' is sadly back to mono Most.

The sailing boat was indeed Mosts and the RAK brand came about as the name because it was how 45s were marketed in the USA in wall racks.

When Most semi- retired the whole catalogue was sold on to EMI who re-release tracks on their generic label and in their stereo form wherever possible..

27th Jun 2011
 .....I highly doubt that Mickie Most owned that vessel featured on the RAK label, bow view, and in side view on US RAK.

It looks like sailing barge, and is wooden hulled, with two masts. I don't know the exact description, but it might be a barque, or a cutter, and could have been well over fifty years old.

The definition of a private boat owner, is "someone who owns a hole in the water into which they pour vast sums of money".
Mr. Most, who I met once, owned quite a few cars, and had a collection of RAK number plates in his ownership, the most popular I seem to recall was RAK 7. Saw that car (Porsche 911 - RAK 7) around Londons West End a few times in the late 70s.

I found this part quote on a message board, posted just after Mr. Mosts death in 2003, written by a Martin Roberts......

"In the late 70s, early 80s I was often in the Regents Park / St. John's Wood area of London but it was damm near impossible to park due to the number of Porsches, Rollers etc bearing a RAK number plate.
And his house in Totteridge has to be seen to be believed. Good to see that at least he received his financial rewards!"



13th Jun 2011
 I didn't know CCS stood for Collective Consciousness Society!


11th Jan 2011
 Amusingly the US 45 label used a view of the ship from the side, because all American singles have the large hole.... go to 45-sleeves - US RAK to see what I mean....John

11th Jan 2011
 The label design was also etched onto the inner glass doors at the entrance to the reception of the record company.

Nowadays the two white external wooden doors are there and closed but over Christmas, Noel Edmonds did a show that featured RAK Studios and the glass doors appear to be still there.

11th Jan 2011
 Apparently it was Mickie Most's.

Peter Sundae
19th Nov 2009
 Does anyone know why the Rak label has a picture of a yacht as it's label design ? any reason/significance ?
Always wondered that.

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