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Record Details

Artist:John Paul Joans
Label:  RAK
Catalogue:RAK 107
Date:Nov 1970
Chart Position:25
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Community:44 Own, 1 Wants
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AJohn Paul JoansThe Man From NazarethGodley, Davidge, Stewart, Creme9.0  Rate
BJohn Paul JoansGot To Get Together NowDavidgeRate


27th Jan 2013
 Apparently the guy's real name was Reginald John Davidge. This single was released in the USA under the name "J.P. Jones" (Cotillion 44102), which got Led Zeppelin's (and Peter Grant's) attention. The USA 45 was then withdrawn and re-issued under the artist name "John".

11th Sep 2012
 Godley, Creme and Stewart were backing musicians on this - JPJ was actually club comedian Reg Gray.

14th Jun 2011
 "Got To Get Together Now" is one of the great forgotten B-sides of the Seventies, in my opinion. An extraordinary offering, set to a slow minor-key 3/4 tune, its four minutes include "native" chanting, slurping noises, "dirty old man" interjections, operatic warbling, broad Northern and Sloane Ranger accents.... and the lyrics are truly bizarre, a disorientating mix of unresolved images and non-sequiturs. The spirit of Syd Barrett is not far off!

It doesn't seem to have been compiled anywhere, which means that you should still be able to get hold of a copy for about 50p.

Paul Vinyl
14th Jun 2011
 'Anorak Alert'

Credits in a dfferent position on both solid centre labels.

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