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Artist:The Butterflys
Label:  Red Bird
Catalogue:RB 10-009
Date:Aug 1964
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Community:15 Own
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AThe ButterflysGood Night BabyJ. Barry, E. Greenwich, S. VenetJeff Barry, Steve VenetE. Greenwich9.0  Rate
BThe ButterflysThe SwimJ. Barry, E. Greenwich, S. VenetJ. Barry, E. Greenwich, S. VenetRate


BB Aug 22, 1964 (Good Night Baby)

BB Hot 100, reached no. 51


23rd Apr 2015
 As Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ plant at that time was largely using Varityper fonts (as on {Images #236621, 236622, 931206 & 931207}), one would have to look at the deadwax for clues, I guess.

23rd Apr 2015
 Hmmm...one version of "Good Night Baby" notes the arranger as Ellie Greenwich, and the conductor as Artie Butler, while another reverses these credits. Wonder which one was the original, and which the correction?

4th Nov 2014
 Sorry to have started a firestorm here! I know quite well that the lower matrix number often does not designate an A-side, but the "X" on a Delta *seemed* to usually appear on the B-side. I will try my best to avoid any future speculation over A/B-side matters...

4th Nov 2014
 Think about it for a second. Monarch could probably care less which side was A and which side was B. They likely had two concerns: getting paid and keeping track of masters for re-pressings or errors. The record company would care about A/B, but I doubt if pressing plants cared much.

4th Nov 2014
vinyljunkiejames wrote:
... While this appears to be a rare example of the "X" appearing on the A-side, B-side also has the lower matrix....
This is consistent with Monarch numbering: where the matrix numbers are sequential, the '-X' is assigned to the higher number.

4th Nov 2014
 (I've said it a 1000 times!) Never judge an American A-side by a lower master number!....never, ever!.........John

4th Nov 2014
 In wouldn't judge the A or B sides from monarch delta numbers or matrix numbers. Billboard reviewed Good Night Baby.

4th Nov 2014
 My copy has Deltas (identical to 374199/374201). It appears to also feature "BellSound" stamp.
A--(Good Night)-- Δ53781-X
B--(The Swim)-- Δ53781

While this appears to be a rare example of the "X" appearing on the A-side, B-side also has the lower matrix. Was "The Swim" intended as the "hit"?

25th Oct 2014

25th Feb 2012

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