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Artist:Ronald And Ruby
Label:  RCA
Catalogue:RCA 1053
Date:Mar 1958
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Community:4 Own, 2 Want
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ARonald And RubyLollipopRoss, Dixon8.0  Rate
BRonald And RubyFickle BabyRoss, DixonRate


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Comments and Reviews
13th Feb 2019
 Label images with tri-centre added.

Scott Tracy
21st Jun 2017
 In terms of who Ronald was my understanding is similar to the Wikipedia version (also here) where Ronald was Ronald Gumm (or Gumps) - I have it noted down as Ronald Gumby.

30th Aug 2015
 They were both underage at that time, so it a longer time to get all signs (from their parents) on the contract. Before the original version on RCA-Victor came finally out, the song was taken to the Chordettes, they covered the song, the record was issued quickly and before the original version came out.

mickey rat
29th Aug 2015
 "Ruby" was Beverly Ross who became a prolific (and very successful) songwriter. "Ronald" was an adolescent boy named Lee Morris (at least in Ronald & Ruby bios). Possibly the main reason the Chordettes were allowed to leapfrog this version was that Ross was white and Morris was black, and in screwed-up America in 1958 this was never going to fly. The irony of course is that in recording studios of the time (at least in New York and Los Angeles) black and white musicians worked together every day on a great many charting pop records. It just couldn't be seen to be so. Sad.

29th Aug 2015
 Original. Or so I understand. Beaten by the Chordettes in the USA. It's much the best version I think.

21st Jul 2014
 Picked this up on Ebay out of curiosity - it's not bad at all (is it the original?)

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