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Artist:Jim Reeves
Label:  RCA Victor
Catalogue:RCA 1537
Date:12 Aug 1966
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:67 Own
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AJim ReevesDistant DrumsWalker8.0  Rate
BJim ReevesOld TigeM. Burk, R. Burk, Reeves2.0  Rate


Number: 1882328  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: trykju
Edited By: sid-departure
Description: Side A

Number: 1882330 
Uploaded By: trykju
Edited By: sid-departure
Description: Side B

Number: 35436 
Uploaded By: cronkey
Description: A Side Label

Number: 88128 
Uploaded By: hantsguys
Description: B side label

Number: 398964 
Uploaded By: Steptoe
Description: A Side Label Variant

Number: 398965 
Uploaded By: Steptoe
Description: B Side Label Variant

Number: 88127 
Uploaded By: hantsguys
Description: A side label variation

Number: 1498887 
Uploaded By: Redpunk
Description: Side B Variant

Number: 935479 
Uploaded By: Henry29
Description: A-Side Label

Number: 1081430 
Uploaded By: Redpunk
Description: Side B Label Variant

Number: 1228758 
Uploaded By: T.o.D.
Edited By: Alan Phillips
Description: A Side

Number: 1228759 
Uploaded By: T.o.D.
Edited By: Alan Phillips
Description: B Side

Number: 35437  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: cronkey
Description: B Side Label

26th Dec 2014

As it happens, in the version Klepsie refers to, Nigel Blackwell of HMHB did actually break up into laughter after that last line.

Record Collector
26th Dec 2014
 Charlie pride did a version also this never made the top forty as this is one of his best hit and my all time favourite

Neil Forbes
26th Dec 2014
 Klepsie's comment: "Half Man Half Biscuit did a great version", yes, but sadly he crumbled after finishing!(sorry, that attempt at humour was only half-baked).

26th Dec 2014
 Half Man Half Biscuit did a great version of it on a Peel session back when.

26th Dec 2014
 I dig Old Tige.

I hate to tell you son, she said,
But now you gotta know....

25th Dec 2014
 Added B side label scan with K/T over s.

8th Dec 2013
 Added B side scan K/T on left no USA no.

12th Aug 2012
 Not forgetting PB 9334, and 4284. Box of man size tissues for this three in a row.

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