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Artist:The Kirkbys
Label:  RCA Victor
Catalogue:RCA 1542
Date:23 Sep 1966
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Community:13 Own, 3 Want
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AThe KirkbysIt's A CrimeCampbellScott Solomon9.5  Rate
BThe KirkbysI've Never Been So Much In LoveCampbellScott SolomonRate


Demo copies dated 23rd May 1966 but there is a suggestion that the release was delayed until September.

Also available as a large hole demo labelled bootleg.


21st Feb 2012
 According to Paul Pelletier's RCA discography this is a September 1966 release. The notes to this record state that the demo copy is dated 23/5/66 suggesting that it was delayed until September. There is no actual image of the demo copy on the site but there is a pic of the demo on the YouTube link although the month is partially obscured by the large A. Had the record been intended for a May release it would surely have been numbered below 1520 and not 1542 which is in advance of where the RCA catalogue no.s had reached by that time. Taking all that into account I think the release date of this single should be changed to September '66.

16th Mar 2011
 Kirkby is a suburb of Liverpool and as you surmise J23 of the M6 is the Liverpool turnoff. This junction linked into the A580, more commonly known as the East Lancs Road, which in those early motorway days was the main road between Liverpool and Manchester.


Juke Jules
16th Mar 2011
 Ah, I was wrong re the m/way junctions. Of course J23 from the M6 was the nearest turnoff at that time for Liverpool bands gigging in London

16th Mar 2011
 I'm pretty sure they weren't from round here, but that they were a Merseyside band?

Juke Jules
16th Mar 2011
That's really interesting - I always loved Michael Angelo, wondered who 23rd were. Would you like to add a link back to here from DM 150?
In 1967 the only motorway with a Junction 23 would be the A1(M) and J23 would IIRC be near Bishop Auckland, latterly J60. I assume the band was from around those parts..?

16th Mar 2011
 The Campbell in the writting credits is Jimmy Campbell. After this one great release by the band he would go on to form the 23rd Turnoff who released this nyce slyce of psych DM 150

16th Mar 2011
 So much great stuff around in the sixties,here's another one that got overlooked

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