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Record Details

Artist:The Friends Of Distinction
Label:  RCA
Catalogue:RCA 1952
Date:1 May 1970
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Friends Of DistinctionLove Or Let Me Be LonelyScarborough, Peters, PoreeRay Cork Jr.Perry Botkin Jr.Rate
BThe Friends Of DistinctionThis GenerationPenyJohn FlorezRate


27th Jul 2011
 I'm knee-deep in the land of "Nipper" (I'm only up to 1974, just finished the LPB0 and APB0 series...on to the PB's )...John

27th Jul 2011
 BEATLEJOHN...sounds like RCA is your next port of call?

27th Jul 2011
 Just scanned the US copy, if that's of any consolation?....John

27th Jul 2011
 Well added, carryonsidney! Cracking record, with that marvellous, occasional acceleration of pace that injects a very individual 'feel'. I'm amazed no one has scanned this in yet, as it's not that hard to find. Only ever had it on album, myself.

27th Jul 2011

why not go mad and play the single..?

27th Jul 2011
 I have an unplayed mint copy of this record.I will never play it.
Does anyone know what it sounds like.

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