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Record Details

Artist:The Sweet
Label:  RCA Victor
Catalogue:RCA 2260
Date:1 Sep 1972
Chart Position:4
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:55 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe SweetWig-Wam BamNicky Chinn, Mike ChapmanPhil Wainman9.5  Rate
BThe SweetNew York ConnectionConnolly, Scott, Tucker, PriestPhil Wainman7.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 440


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6th Feb 2015
 Scratched into the dead wax (record scan 4) B side only, is "Rasputin".

15th Sep 2014
 Label variant A Side added

25th Nov 2013
 I wasn't meaning the Sweet only!...the sole UK orange label DJ I own is ..."Turn It Down"!!!....(I have a bunch of UK black labels though!)...John

Mikey Dread
25th Nov 2013
 I know it's very little consulation zab,the Flea and John,but i don't have any Sweet Demo's.I would at least love to own a Demo of "Blockbuster!" but it's like the Flea say's,they cost to much,and i don't think my heart could stand the pace of a frenzied auction.:embarrassed:

the Flea
25th Nov 2013
 I have only one UK promo and that's Action. They crop up often enough but always seem to be out of my reach cost wise :-(

25th Nov 2013
 Zab...weirdly that's the only Orange label UK RCA DJ single I have ...John

25th Nov 2013
 As a huge lifelong fan, I would love to have a complete set of RCA demos! I only have one - Turn It Down - and only recently managed to get all the standard issues!

25th Nov 2013
 Added promo labels (sorry about the big 'X' on the B side, but all the Sweet promos I got are marked that way).

20th Sep 2013

20th Sep 2013

15th Jul 2011
 The first RCA record by them where they were allowed to play their own instruments on the a-side...

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