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Record Details

Artist:Bow Wow Wow
Label:  RCA
Catalogue:RCA 238 / PB 5503
Date:May 1982
Chart Position:9
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:22 Own, 2 Want
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ABow Wow WowI Want CandyGoldstein, Feldman, Gottehrer, BernsKenny Laguna8.0  Rate
BBow Wow WowKing KongMcLaren, Ashman, Gorman, BarbarossaColin ThurstonRate


Picture sleeve.


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Thin Yoghurt
2nd Jun 2013
 I have just noticed that my 'B' side has the RCA 241 'B' side label on it - Bucks Fizz. The actual track is correct though.

19th Feb 2013
 nicklarocca: your images have been duly moved.

19th Feb 2013
 Thanks for the correction . . . I guess the listing only on the b-side that it was a "juke-box edition" was due to the fact the one-sided version would rip out the player's needle . . .

19th Feb 2013
 Your uploaded juke-box labels are dutch...and already listed here

19th Feb 2013
 Juke-box edition added. Maybe this should have its own entry? Pic sleeve is the same as here except there's no thumb slot

25th Jul 2011
 Oops - forgot about this... I will add mine later...

23rd Jul 2011
 Is the single sided version still going to have it's own separate entry? Or is it just staying with the double sided version?

Dr Doom
22nd Apr 2010
 I agree it merits a seperate entry - Special Edition the way to go.

: )

22nd Apr 2010
 I know they have the same cat no but should the one sided version not have its own listing as a 'Special Edition 7"'? The cover is slightly different as well.

13th Apr 2010
 Also available as a special edition single sided version. Same catalogue number with etched B-side. Images to follow when I get my scanner working again.

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