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Artist:R. And J. Stone
Label:  RCA Victor
Catalogue:RCA 2616
Date:17 Oct 1975
Chart Position:5
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Community:59 Own, 2 Want
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AR. And J. StoneWe Do ItR. StonePhil SwernRichard Hewson7.1  Rate
BR. And J. StoneWe Love Each OtherR. StonePhil SwernRichard HewsonRate


Charted in January 1976.
Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 596.


Tony Moss
3rd Mar 2016
 Recordman46 - Yes just looked on Wiki , Joanne Stone died of a brain tumour in 1979.

That's so sad, she was still very young.

Tony Moss
3rd Mar 2016
 When I first started record collecting in early '91, I remember my dads mate saying this was a rare record and worth a lot of money.

Despite knowing this was a huge hit, I still believed him (I was a naive 19 yr old) and can still remembet grinning from ear to ear when I found a mint copy at the car boot soon after.

Innocence of youth.

3rd Mar 2016
 Slovenly research from the BBC. Phil Swern has been closely associated with the BBC for years so they could have asked him who R & J Stone were. In case they want to use the clip again, and to save them a phone call, R was Russell and J was Joanne, his wife. Sadly Joanne died only about 4 / 5 years after this hit. Lovely record.

Tony Moss
3rd Mar 2016
 Crikey, love certainly is blind!

Mr Stone looks like the type of bloke who still lives with his mum who knits him tank tops, has the complete Hornby train set as well as aeroplanes made from milk bottle tops hanging from his bedroom ceiling.

Yes, she is quite a cutie and im just jealous, lol.

30th May 2015
 added 800x800 images of the alternative text labels

13th Mar 2014
 The B Side label on my copy says it's "Sweet - Lies in your eyes (RCA 2641)" as at http://www.45cat.com/record/rca2641 ! When played, of course, it's "We Love Each Other".

Perhaps Pattaya Martin's release is http://www.45cat.com/record/sity3 ?

Pattaya Martin
13th Apr 2013
 The 'B' Side on my copy of 'We Do It' is 'We've Gone and Done It Now.
Can't remember the Label as its back in UK, but i'm sure it was Blue

5th Apr 2013

7th Jun 2012
 We Do It

....a hit from an unlikely pairing.

3rd Jun 2012
 Added push out centre version of sladesounds' scans.

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