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Artist:Elvis Presley
Label:  RCA
Catalogue:RCX 175
Date:Jan 1960
Title:Strictly Elvis
Chart Position:26
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Community:61 Own, 1 Wants
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3rd Nov 2013
 my recording is on black RCA Victor label but on the middle left it has M.C.P.S above(a)L. Wright.....(b)...
also on the rear of the sleeve mine is the same then as An6y66`s as the bottom right code says 63 R...I cant get my keyboard to produce the `R` logo.

4th Oct 2013
 Added back of sleeve with 65 and label scans with H under cat. no.

13th Sep 2013
 Also I assume the number in the bottom right of the sleeve denotes year, as my copy says 63®
And those already uploaded are 69®

12th Sep 2013
 That's weird. In 1962 RCA were still using the round-logo version label (unless EPs were different to singles?)

the Flea
12th Sep 2013
 So its between April to November 1962

12th Sep 2013
 Well it has a z/t tax code if that helps date it.

12th Sep 2013
 Looking at the RCA listings here on 45cat it looks as if the black "RCA Victor" labels came in with RCA 1321 in December 1963, and lasted till RCA 1777 in December 1968.

12th Sep 2013
 Righ okay
So what year would the black victor labels have been used?

12th Sep 2013
 Because it was kept on catalogue all the way from 1959 (original black labels) all the way through to the 1970s (orange labels). Every time RCA/RCA Victor changed label designs, it would be reflected in this EP; same tracks, just different packaging.

12th Sep 2013
 Why was this ep on both then?

12th Sep 2013
 In general "RCA" and "RCA Victor" are treated as one and the same label for our purposes, so put them here, please.

12th Sep 2013
 Just got an original copy with the black RCA Victor label, shall I add the images to this release or does it get a separate release as its a different label?

26th Jul 2013
 Added B side scan of push out centre.

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