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Artist:The Roscoe James Good Good Band
Label:  Kingston Students Charities Appeal
Date:21 Oct 1966
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A1The Roscoe James Good Good BandRespectKingston Students Charities AppealRate
A2The Roscoe James Good Good BandWork SongKingston Students Charities AppealRate
B1The Roscoe James Good Good BandOut Of SightKingston Students Charities AppealRate
B2The Roscoe James Good Good BandDown In The ValleyKingston Students Charities AppealRate


Kingston Students Charities Appeal White Label , Private Pressing , Made by Graham Clark , Label is Printed as 1 and 2 to delineate sides , no track details on label , track listing is from the biro written reverse of white cardboard sleeve.


23rd Feb 2016
 Hi kb - surname is Hand.

Ah the Flamingo - a Wardour Street institution. Strangely enough I don't remember ever going there. I was more of a Marquee man and also Ronnie Scotts, not because I particularly liked jazz but I used to sit there in awe of how technically good jazz drummers are.

26th Dec 2015
 Hi Mike (handy148). Time has flown by. It seems we are definitely talking about the same band but my memory does not quite reach back far enough. I remember playing with Cream a couple of times. Georgie Fame must have been after I left as I would have remembered playing with one of early idols. A mate and I used to sneak out and go up to London for the all nighter at the Flamingo to see Fame. My parent thought I was at my mate's house and vice versa. What's your last name Mike?

5th Feb 2015
 I'm Mike - the drummer.

This record was made when we played with the great CREAM at Kingston Uni. If I remember we played there twice, the second time as support to Georgie Fame.

And kb_stabs you are right about the Ram Jam in Brixton but it wasn't The Commodores it was the legend that was Jimi Hendrix.

If you remember we also had another record, quite bluesy - I think the first track was "rain is such a lonesome sound".

And do you remember that Sunday when we were practising in the cinema in Sutton and we were approached by the manager of Jet Harris (Shadows bass player). I often reminisce about those Friday nights playing in Sutton as support to John Mayall's BluesBreakers.

And that old Post Office van we bought from the auction I think cost only a fiver.

24th Oct 2014
 The manager came up with the name Roscoe James. I think he just liked the sound of it, although James Brown had a trumpet player called Roscoe Patrick. I'm pretty sure the amp guy was Dave Reeves and the amps we were using were his early Hiwatt prototypes.

Well. it's quite possible the CD was made after I left the band in mid-66 to go to university, although we used to play all those songs and they could have been recorded live as someone has suggested. I lost touch with the band after I left.

24th Oct 2014
 Its not impossible that Graham Clark made the record from the mic set-ups at one of the gigs, though from memory its more a studio sound. My dad was winding transformers for amps in the years around 1965, and built a home one for us , probably 1962 and 1964. I think he had problems with the later one and one chap from his work came to look at it, (I think he had more experience ) the name Edmund Chetchey ( or soundalike ) comes to mind, don't know if he was building your amps for you.

23rd Oct 2014
 Welcome to 45cat, amazing musicians since 2007!

Your list of band members is conspicuously missing anyone called Roscoe James... whence the band name, then, can you recall?

23rd Oct 2014
 I am amazed to come across this. I played in the RJGGB in 1965 and 1966. My memory of all the band members is somewhat sketchy but Terry was the (great) singer. Dave Crocker played guitar. Ian Thompson on bass. Can't remember the drummer's name but would love to be reminded. I (Rick) played keys. Dave, Ian and I were at Woking Grammar School and while playing in a former band we met a guy who became our manager and put us together with Terry and the drummer. The Manager had a friend who built amps and we used his gear. At one point we had an old GPO red van that we bought for about ₤20 and which we parked at my parents house (not popular). (mmm, on reflection, perhaps this was an earlier band… it is nearly 50 years ago). I seem to remember our firs tRJGGB gig was in Guildford and we opened for a band from London (the Commodores?) who were playing the Ram Jam in Brixton later that night. They were impressed by Terry and took him with them to sing a few songs. Next thing we knew is that we had a gig at the Ram Jam! I clearly remember that when the unfriendly stage crew saw that we had no brass, they told us "we would go home in buckets". I didn't know this phrase but it did not sound very good. Anyway all good memories. It would be very cool to get hold of a copy of that CD or mp3's of the songs. Years later I am still playing, now in a 7-piece blues band in Vancouver, Canada (Hells Gate Blues Band).

7th Jul 2014
 I'd like to licence Out Of Sight for a compilation record; the cola99, can you please email me?

28th Jan 2013
 Post a scan and copy of yours on discogs , and double your chances of finding others with a memory of this. I think my dad was working either at Vortexion ( building Amps) or Venners in New Malden at the time , or possibly GPO telephones where he may have been installing phones hence meeting up with the promotors of this as I think he brought it in for me one workday and we only went shopping in Kingston about once a month on a Saturday.

PS sold my copy at the last august bank holiday boot sale near ewell , I trust it has gone to a good home ( the buyer had a number of other obscure 45s obtained earlier that morning from a nearby record fair and claims to know the 'owner' of 45cat.

26th Jan 2013
 Who knows , presumably a few students at Kingston University ?

As to sound , think Free/Cream.

Probably pressed by Pye ( Mitcham ?)

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