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Artist:Edd Byrnes
Label:  Warner Bros.
Date:Jul 1959
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Community:14 Own, 1 Wants
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AEdd Byrnes And FriendLike I Love YouMarkes, RalkeRate
BEdd ByrnesKookie's Mad PadRalke, PatrickRate


BB July 20, 1959

As Kookie on "77 Sunset Strip" with The Big Sound of Don Ralke


carey jeggs
26th Apr 2012
 I've just remembered.In Kookie-talk combing one's hair was 'raking the ear-to-ear carpeting.' I think I prefer Valspeak.

carey jeggs
26th Apr 2012
 That looks like a high-maintenance hairstyle.That quiff protrudes at least an inch.

David M. McKee
16th Oct 2011
 Discogs thinks it is Joanie Sommers.

16th Oct 2011

16th Oct 2011
 "Friend" was not Connie Stevens on this record, also was not Joanie Sommers who was on 3 of his other songs. Anybody know who the anonymous "friend" was?

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