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Record Details

Label:  BBC
Catalogue:RESL 25
Date:29 Aug 1975
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:30 Own, 2 Want
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AQuillerQuillerDenton, Cook6.3  Rate
BQuillerGeneral DirectionDenton, CookRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 589.


Number: 83856  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: Peter Sundae
Description: A side

Number: 83857 
Uploaded By: Peter Sundae
Description: B side

Number: 688804 
Uploaded By: cronkey
Description: A Side Label

Number: 688806 
Uploaded By: cronkey
Description: B Side Label

Number: 1400579 
Uploaded By: bigtom
Description: aside

Number: 1400580 
Uploaded By: bigtom
Description: aside

Number: 1558525 
Uploaded By: Jandm.wilson
Description: Poster

Number: 884739  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Henry29
Description: Label A-Side Solid label dinked post purchase and stuck in a JB.

Number: 884742  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Henry29
Description: Label B-Side Duplicate of 83857 with a hole punched out by a Juke Box operator

My Friend Jack
8th Aug 2015
 As I'm working my way through the Breakers, I'm frequently amazed at how many of these near-hits that I have no memory of at all!

8th Aug 2015
 Yes, I remember that from Record Mirror. That was about the time I bought my copy. Was devastated it didn't chart :sad:

My Friend Jack
8th Aug 2015
 Eight weeks on the Breakers list from 11 Jul 1975, peaking in 1st place.

15th Feb 2015
 No reason it can't be at both places!

Mikey Dread
15th Feb 2015
 Very nice item, Mr Wilson. Would've also made a great addition over at 45worlds: Music Memorabilia.

15th Feb 2015
 Added promo poster!

23rd Sep 2014
 That's what mine is

23rd Sep 2014
 Another variant added this time large centre . Nice theme tune from the BBC TV series.

20th Sep 2012
 Dead wax : A side only "Mike & Ralph".

16th Oct 2011

28th Jul 2011
 Absolutely brilliant theme tune from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0163484/

I remember watching the series and loving it, but that's all...

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